Models for Monetising 5G & Edge Computing Investments

In this webinar, STL Partners discussed the range of business models that are available to telcos in the enterprise market, demonstrated these through case studies and real-life examples.  STL leveraged the learnings of its research programme and focused on vertical industries and the role of 5G in manufacturing, healthcare, energy, and transport & logistics.
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Building Flexible and Open Architectures for 5G

As operators prepare to launch 5G services, it is evident that in order to effectively and efficiently deliver the utmost performance, 5G network build-outs need to be based on an architecture which is open, flexible and scalable - across all the network domains. In this webinar, we discuss the following: While it has been established that 5G network cores are to be based on a cloud-native, open-architecture, what about the remaining network domains?
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Striking the Right Balance for Insights, Privacy, and Compliance

Want to make your digital transformation a success? Data governance and access control are key to that effort. Even if digital transformation doesn’t motivate you, compliance with GDPR, CCPA – and other regulatory frameworks for data protection – should. But implementing access controls manually, one data source at a time, won’t cut it anymore. Instead, you need a policy- and workflow-based approach that works across different repositories and platforms, in databases and data lakes, both on-premises and across multiple clouds.
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IBM POWER9TM – IT Infrastructure built for the AI era

Analytics India Magazine

It is the right time to have an AI-Ready Compute Infrastructure to leverage AI high performance compute capability without disrupting your present Infrastructure investments. IBM recently announced POWER9 processor – built from the ground-up for data-intensive workloads. It is the only processor with state-of-the-art I/O subsystem technology, including next-generation NVIDIA NVLink, PCIe Gen4, and OpenCAPI.
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Securing Apps and Infrastructure on Kubernetes

Security is a big concern for enterprises as part of their cloud native journey to build, run, and scale modern apps on containers, Kubernetes, and cloud. Rapid deployment cycles and dynamic workloads compound the challenges of cloud-native security, risk management, and compliance. To be successful, teams should start with a secure platform and automate detection and response as a part of their DevOps workflow.
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