xModular - Eaton’s unique approach to your expanding data centre needs

With the market continuing to drive a rapid increase in the demand for data and digitalisation, the need for a fast, flexible new build or expansion of your data centres’ power infrastructure will be critical to successful growth.
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Building Flexible and Open Architectures for 5G

As operators prepare to launch 5G services, it is evident that in order to effectively and efficiently deliver the utmost performance, 5G network build-outs need to be based on an architecture which is open, flexible and scalable - across all the network domains. In this webinar, we discuss the following: While it has been established that 5G network cores are to be based on a cloud-native, open-architecture, what about the remaining network domains?
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LabVIEW vs. Python: Why not both?

End the LabVIEW versus Python debate. You don’t have to choose—you can use both! Discover why LabVIEW and Python are better together for test—and how leveraging the strengths of each tool helps you and your team create better automated test systems. In this video: Learn how to choose LabVIEW, Python, or both Watch demo of the La
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Simplifying hyperconverged infrastructure with modern, open networking

Cumulus Networks

In a hyperconverged infrastructure environment, the network is a vital element. Legacy and proprietary networking solutions limit flexibility, scalability and performance. If a network doesn’t function correctly, VMs can experience slowdowns to simply not being available.Hyperconverged infrastructure, when combined with modern, open networking software allows for agility, flexibility and a greatly simplified operational model across compute, storage and networking.
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Top 10 Tips for Scaling Your IT Infrastructure On-Demand Webinar

In this on-demand webinar, the Vice President of IT at LogMeIn will cover the top 10 tips for scaling your IT infrastructure to meet the growing and changing needs of your organization. Walk away with clear guidance around the best practices for your IT team to implement so that your company is secure, compliant and ahead of ev
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