Green 5G – Catch Up

In this webinar, Ray Williamson, Director of Wireless PLM, Europe from Huawei outlined energy-saving solutions for each stage of the network: in the radio product, at the site and across the entire network. Huawei’s R&D innovation produces 5G Active Antenna Units (AAUs) which deliver 50x larger cell capacity without increasing the energy consumption of existing 4G Remote Radio Units (RRUs). Ray also outlined how implementing AI drives savings at the network level including:
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Hyperconverged, Converged & Composable Infrastructure

ActualTech Media

Do you spend too much time managing your infrastructure? IT Organizations of all sizes are looking to convergence to allow them to make their data center infrastructure more efficient, more scalable, and more affordable. Whether it’s converged infrastructure, hyperconverged infrastructure, or composable infrastructure, the end result is greater simplicity and streamlined operations in the datacenter. The good news for IT Organizations is that there are so many different converged, composable, and hyperconverged solutions available to choose from today. The not so good news is that, with so many solutions, simply learning about all the different solutions and what makes them unique is a new challenge, in itself.
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Protecting Industrial Infrastructure from Cyber Attacks

Nozomi Networks Inc.

Vulnerable industrial and critical infrastructure environments, long thought immune from cyber threats, are being targeted by attackers. The interconnectedness of industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) networks with IT networks has opened them up for exploitation by attackers. Current OT monitoring tools are tools are better-suited for performance monitoring, not security. Securing industrial infrastructure requires visibility to the environment and the ability to quickly detect threats targeting the environment.
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Implemented,Secured now audit firewall


Firewalls are solely responsible for any good or bad traffic. Exponential growth in networks,networking speed & devices, apps, web /cloud/virtualization infrastructure has increased firewall complexity in terms of placement, rules and settings. As many as 80% of firewalls examined in a recent data breach investigation were found poorly configured !
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Securing Utilities Infrastructure with OT Network Visibility & Vulnerability Management

The recent attacks on Oldsmar, Florida water facility as well as other cyber attacks targeting critical infrastructure has shed a new light on how simple it is for even novice attackers to penetrate OT networks. The attacks on OT networks in critical infrastructure come at a price that is far higher than financial losses and may result in loss of life.
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