Green 5G – Catch Up

In this webinar, Ray Williamson, Director of Wireless PLM, Europe from Huawei outlined energy-saving solutions for each stage of the network: in the radio product, at the site and across the entire network. Huawei’s R&D innovation produces 5G Active Antenna Units (AAUs) which deliver 50x larger cell capacity without increasing the energy consumption of existing 4G Remote Radio Units (RRUs). Ray also outlined how implementing AI drives savings at the network level including:
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Top 10 Tips for Scaling Your IT Infrastructure On-Demand Webinar

In this on-demand webinar, the Vice President of IT at LogMeIn will cover the top 10 tips for scaling your IT infrastructure to meet the growing and changing needs of your organization. Walk away with clear guidance around the best practices for your IT team to implement so that your company is secure, compliant and ahead of ev
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Planning Cloud Migrations: It's All About the Destination

You've heard the old adage that "It's not about the destination; it's about the journey." For cloud migrations and Modernisations, however, it's all about the destination. Picking the right destination or cloud platform for your workload can make all the difference between success and failure in terms of achieving your cloud mig
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Harnessing Streaming Data Integration to Become a Data Driven Enterprise

There is currently a surge in business investing in various types of analytics to solve their business challenges and achieve competitive advantage. The best analytic insight requires large amounts of data from multiple sources, which can then be feed through AI, ML, and analytics processes to garner new insights and make better decisions, as the amount of analytics storage highlighted in the chart below.
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Reducing the Risk to Critical Infrastructure Before It’s Too Late

It’s been a year since the high-profile ransomware attacks on JBS Foods and Colonial Pipeline, causing enormous disruption to these organizations and the general public. Since then, the frightening reality is that the threat to critical infrastructure operators has increased rather than dissipated.
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