Building Flexible and Open Architectures for 5G

As operators prepare to launch 5G services, it is evident that in order to effectively and efficiently deliver the utmost performance, 5G network build-outs need to be based on an architecture which is open, flexible and scalable - across all the network domains. In this webinar, we discuss the following: While it has been established that 5G network cores are to be based on a cloud-native, open-architecture, what about the remaining network domains?
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5G Laying Groundwork for a Completely Digitalized and Connected Future

5G, with its gigabytes data throughput and ultralow latency, can access numerous high-value sectors such as 3D robotic control, virtual reality monitoring, and remote medical control that earlier technologies could not. Over the last two years, we have seen an increasing number of consumer network rollouts and field testing. Furthermore, we are seeing some of the most prominent industry companies begin to implement 5G in their businesses. This is only the beginning of how 5G will eventually alter and accelerate breakthroughs in industries like automotive, entertainment, computing, manufacturing, and ultimately the way we work and live.
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Securing Apps and Infrastructure on Kubernetes

Security is a big concern for enterprises as part of their cloud native journey to build, run, and scale modern apps on containers, Kubernetes, and cloud. Rapid deployment cycles and dynamic workloads compound the challenges of cloud-native security, risk management, and compliance. To be successful, teams should start with a secure platform and automate detection and response as a part of their DevOps workflow.
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The Edge in Your Office: How it Looks, and How it Works

Migrating your IT assets from your corporate premises to the public cloud made sense—until it didn’t. Costs soared as businesses discovered storing and moving data had become cost centers, draining their operational expense budgets. Moving IT back on-premises poses a challenge to businesses whose facilities aren't typically considered data centers. Edge architecture is about designing and engineering components, chassis, and support structures to fit within unconventional locations. With Vertiv edge infrastructure, you’ll be moving your IT assets back on-premises, but this time they’ll be secure, manageable, responsive, adaptive, powerful, and out of your way.
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SIP Fraud Detection – Scenarios and Challenges

WeDo Technologies

We all know that SIP technology provides ample benefits and opportunities for the user to save money whilst increasing productivity. However, these types of systems also create more opportunities for fraud attacks. As SIP technology becomes more widely adopted, fraud threats have grown as well. The key to preventing this is to closely monitor a CSP network — the last thing you want is your system to be hacked when you want to keep the business profitable.
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