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Intel Capital invests in Fortanix and Pliops to beef up cloud infrastructure and security

January 30, 2019 / CHRIS O'BRIEN

Intel Capital today announced that it has participated in two investment rounds aimed at strengthening and securing infrastructure around cloud computing. Intel’s VC arm said it led a $23 million investment round for Fortanix that included money from Foundation Capital and Neotribe, bringing the startup’s total raised to $31 million. Fortanix is focused on protecting data by developing a system that keeps applications running in separate enclaves to limit exposure in the event of a hack. “This new funding is a testament to the tremendous growth we’ve already experienced in [the] 18 months since we first launched our product,” said Ambuj Kumar, cofounder and CEO of Fortanix, in statement. The Mountain View-based startup says it will use the money to continue product development and expand internationally.