. https://itinfrastructure.report/Resources/Whitepapers/9373aec1-11a7-4216-8bfa-cc93f14a6e76_MOVE-security-brochure.pdf
As the Internet of Things (IoT) develops, there is a requirement to support an accelerating number of inter-connections in as secure a way as possible. This creates potential for significant vulnerabilities, whether they are inherent in the IoT solutions or resulting from the proliferation of end points, and IoT has been the subject of some high profile cyber security attacks, such as the Mirai Virus which targeted IP addresses of IoT connected devices to transform an IoT device into a vehicle for DDoS attacks. Mirai scans IP addresses to local home routers and other simple IOT devices where password security might have become lax. It then uses this simple vulnerability to install itself on a device, thus arming the device with a DDoS malware that can be woken at any time to perform an attack on the network. The need for a combination of global and secure operation is particularly relevan DOWNLOAD