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2019 is the year that SD-WAN implementations are set to explode. That said, many enterprises are nervous about their SD-WAN vendor selection seeing as this is a new market with a lot of new vendor and products. For many enterprises, a multi-vendor SD-WAN strategy may be the best near-term strategy as this market continues to mature. This will resonate well with enterprises that have a “best of breed” versus a “one vendor for all” strategy. First, let’s set expectations that every SD-WAN solution is proprietary. Cross-platform interoperability will not occur in the foreseeable future. ONUG has a lofty goal of creating interoperability at the management and orchestration layer, but even that is a stretch. Cisco’s Meraki, Viptela, and IWAN products, for example, will never be able to directly peer with each other. Fundamentally, each uses a different “label and tunnel” format on every IP packet that is sent. That said, one of the benefits of SD-WAN platforms is simpler management, so supporting a multi-vendor or multi-product strategy is not overly burdensome. SORELL SLAYMAKER READ MORE