. https://www.ericsson.com/en/blog/2018/12/testing-5g-networks-challenges-and-opportunities
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Unlike 4G, the impact of 5G is not limited to the telecom industry but towards a plethora of industry verticals. In the near future, every device present in our homes, almost all machines in our factories, cars, robots, and medical appliances will be capable of connecting to the network. This blog post analyzes the impact of 5G on test tools, test strategy, test planning, testing methodology, integration and deployment both for vendors and CSPs.  Due to its broad range of use cases, mm wavelength support, extremely high throughput, ultra-low latency etc., testing 5G networks would be almost as complex as designing the network itself. Certainly, one size fits all testing approach just won’t work for 5G.  5G’s complexity can be a blessing in disguise as it presents an opportunity for CSPs and vendors to evolve their traditional testing methodologies and come up with new testing and assurance techniques. Faster and more efficient testing methods will be the key for CSPs to differentiate from the competition. With 5G’s service based architecture and hundreds of use cases, validating a 5G network for a good user experience becomes really tough. Overhauling the test strategy is the key to ensuring fast time to market products thereby leading the 5G race for the CSPs and vendors. RAJAT KUMAR KOCHHAR READ MORE