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Lately, Huawei has been a recurrent flashpoint in U.S.-China relations. Since early December, the arrest in Canada of Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s chief financial officer and daughter of its founder Ren Zhengfei, over allegations of bank fraud and sanctions violations has provoked intense controversy. While she has since been released on bail, this case will likely remain a point of friction ahead of the hearing on her potential extradition to the United States, which is scheduled for February. At stake are questions at the intersection of the law, security and technological competition; and answers are unfolding in a complex geopolitical landscape, as U.S.-China talks on trade continue with no clear resolution in sight. From a U.S. perspective, Huawei often epitomizes three core issues in U.S.-China relations today: Chinese companies’ often flagrant disregard for U.S. laws; the threat of vulnerabilities in supply chains and critical infrastructure; and the competitive challenge of China’s emergence as a technological powerhouse, including in AI and 5G. As the U.S. deals with the delicate matter of Meng’s extradition, it will important to handle appropriately the broader policy challenges that this controversy has thrown into stark relief. ELSA KANIA READ MORE