. https://siliconangle.com/2018/12/18/consultant-reports-from-next-gen-network-dress-rehearsal-gartnerio/
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Network computing is undergoing a frenzied dress rehearsal for the opening multicloud drama. Distributed information technology environments are rendering traditional networking methods too slow and too boxy. Customers hear software-defined networking is the way to go and multiprotocol label switching is out. Then there’s network virtualization, programmable networks, etc. How do they choose? Look before lunging, advises Steve Garson (pictured), founder and president of SD-WAN-Experts, a division of Network Solution Experts. Garson’s consultancy SD-WAN Experts advises enterprises around the globe on selecting network solutions. It was once called MPLS Experts; then it grew into WAN optimization; then it pivoted to SD-WAN. Networking solutions rise and fall in popularity, because they serve or fail to serve customers current needs. Not included in that lot of “customers?” Then don’t rush to adopt the most hyped solution of the moment, Gardon advised. For instance, MPLS is falling out of fashion in favor of SD-WAN. Does that mean SD-WAN is better for everything all the time? “That’s a complicated question to answer,” Garson said. “I will not say that you can eliminate MPLS. I’ll always say it depends.” R. DANES READ MORE