. https://siliconangle.com/2018/12/18/sd-wan-takes-a-whack-at-decentralized-data-security-gartnerio/
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Data is moving out of its old centralized data-center digs. It packs a lot of baggage, which is winding up in cloud computing environments and bundled as serviceable software applications. Many companies are left playing hide-and-seek with all their distributed data, and they find securing it particularly tricky. We asked one company with decades-old data plus a revolving door of fresh data how it manages the whole lot. Hillenbrand Inc. is an industrial manufacturing and servicing company with multiple global brands. For 150 years, it has produced and serviced process equipment, industrial pumps, heavy machinery, etc. It has amassed a ton of data, which it wants to refine into insights for better service, customer relations, and more. Further, its mergers-and-acquisitions strategy is quite robust and keeps injecting new data from new companies in the mix. Suffice to say, it finds managing and securing all of its data challenging. “Those [traditional IT] boundaries are getting shattered,” said Suresh Manchella (pictured), director of global infrastructure at Hillenbrand Inc. “Information is everywhere. It’s no longer within those four boundaries.” R. DANES READ MORE