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There can be few in the public sector who do not see the immense potential of using data for the public good. And from UKAuthority's recent Data4Good event there is a visibly growing appetite to experiment with data in search of new insights and solutions to the sector’s major problems. But many are deterred by the complexity, the perceived cost and effort involved and what they see as a risk in burning up resources in an historically resource intensive area. The advent of cloud, however, has opened up new opportunities to explore and exploit big data while avoiding investment in digital infrastructure. It has opened the door to agile, dynamic platforms that can be used ‘as needed’ without prior investment. The Databricks Unified Analytics Platform, for example, not only runs an optimised version of the lightning-fast Apache Spark unified analytics engine but also offers interactive notebooks, integrated workflows, and full enterprise security. By unifying data science, engineering and business it enables multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate and ask unlimited questions - test hypotheses and provide an evidence base for strategic decisions. READ MORE