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SD-WAN is doing to enterprise networks what virtualisation did to enterprise data centres almost a decade ago. But SD-WAN is happening at a faster rate in my opinion. This isn't just a blip on the radar; some new technology. This is a macro trend, like how virtualisation changed data centres, impacting the way everybody designed and ran their IT infrastructures and applications. SD-WAN is a natural progression from this. Australia led the way with the adoption of cloud and virtualisation. We’re seeing a similar pattern with SD-WAN, with adoption happening at a rapid rate. A recent Frost & Sullivan survey indicated that 33% of enterprises in Australia have already deployed or are in the process of deploying an SD-WAN. Another 51% plan to deploy in the next 12-24 months.  As Australian companies adopt SD-WAN, they’re shifting from traditional router-centric WAN approaches toward a business-first networking model that ensures a superior user experience, resiliency and business continuity, while delivering a high-level of WAN and application performance. The rapid adoption of SD-WAN in Australia isn’t surprising due to the nature of our geography – we’re a big country, yet we have relatively poor links and pipes into remote regions. With businesses having many locations spread throughout the country, networking is a real challenge. CONTRIBUTOR READ MORE