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The world is in a data frenzy. With so many applications, devices, and machines connecting to the cloud and to corporate datacenters, the amount of data being consumed and analyzed by insight-hungry organizations in particular is exploding. Companies that make intelligent use of data to bring in new customers and improve existing customer relationships get to enjoy the sweet fruits of competitive advantage. However, for all this data — 44 zettabytes’ worth by 2020 — to be available, the distributed networks that deliver it need to be reliable, agile, and cost-friendly. The eye-popping amount of compute power being used to solve previously insurmountable problems could not exist without virtual technologies, cloud computing, and software-defined networking. The recent convergence of these technologies has made big data available to almost any company anywhere. The confluence of virtual tech, the cloud, and software-defined WANs (SD-WANs) is transforming the delivery, management, and operation of networks and the services that run on them. GLENN WEIR READ MORE