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Not long ago, cloud computing was a trendy new concept, with some observers predicting that on-premises data centers would disappear completely as the cost of public cloud resources continued to spiral downward. Those days are largely over. Public cloud prices have stabilized, and many organizations have found that on-premises infrastructure costs can be lower for a number of use cases. Some IT leaders have found that certain workloads — especially legacy applications — are more difficult to migrate or manage in the public cloud than they originally anticipated. And there’s a general consensus that hybrid cloud and multicloud (as opposed to exclusively public cloud) strategies will be central for most enterprises going forward. All of this means that the decision-making process about moving resources to the public cloud – a process that was once dominated by the single metric of price – has grown far more complex. Organizations can find significant value by migrating workloads to the cloud, but they must have a strategy for identifying which workloads fit best, and how they can complete a migration seamlessly. Once migration is complete, many organizations face a challenge in managing multiple workloads in various cloud environments. CALVIN HENNICK READ MORE