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The minister of Digital Affairs and the representatives of T-Mobile inaugurated the launch of the 5G T-Mobile network, the first fifth generation network in Poland. Devices providing access to the network have been distributed to selected T-Mobile partners, so they can be used in order to develop new business solutions and products, which will be eventually offered on the mass market. Marek Zagórski, the minister of Digital Affairs, represented the state authorities at the event and T-Mobile was represented not only by the CEO of T-Mobile Polska, Andreas Maierhofer but also chairman of the Management Board of DT Group, Tim Hoettges, as well as Srini Gopalan, management board member for Europe at Deutsche Telekom AG. The launch of the 5G network is a continuation of the declaration made a year ago by Tim Hoettges, who announced that Poland is one of the key markets for the DT Group and one of the first countries in Europe that will take advantage of the fifth generation network from T-Mobile. ANASIA D'MELLO READ MORE