. https://siliconangle.com/2018/12/10/smart-sd-wan-gets-network-traffic-priorities-straight-gartnerio/
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With the spread of distributed applications and multicloud, the network is coming under attack. It’s too slow; the infrastructure is outdated; it’s not intelligent. Legacies like Cisco Systems Inc. and lesser-known startups are repaving the path data takes from one point to another. Many are betting on software-defined wide area networking to burst the latency bottleneck. Today’s busy information technology environments need a programmable network. That’s a network that doesn’t jam all traffic — high or low priority — down the same stuffed-to-choking artery. “It’s really important that a network understands not only how it routes, but also understands what it routes,” said Martin Bosshardt (pictured), chief executive officer at Open Systems AG. “That’s the power of SD-WAN. You really can route different applications in different routes.” Open Systems, headquartered in Switzerland, was founded in 1990 with a focus on security infrastructure. The company has since pivoted to SD-WAN with built-in security. It is now establishing a presence in Silicon Valley. R. DANES READ MORE