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Switzerland turns an avid supporter of blockchain application updates for developing a suitable ecosystem for this emerging industry. Indeed, the country leaders have foreseen the immense benefits of blockchain technology in the long run and hence the country is wholeheartedly welcoming the blockchain venture to the cheese land. The state-owned telecoms provider Swisscom in collaboration with Switzerland’s national postal service Swiss Post have come together to build a secure and amicable infrastructure for blockchain powered apps. Both Swisscom and Swiss Post will work together on this esteemed project which will also be used in for operating blockchain enabled services in Switzerland. This, in turn, is going to escalate the Swizz economy in the blockchain domain and it is likely to reach the pinnacle within the next few years. This blockchain network is said to be the first such privately operated platform, there is a significant difference in the solution offered by this service as compared to other blockchain services that are already operating in the country. The data collected by Swisscom and Swiss Post will exclusively be retained within the country for the development of the bank securities. NEHA BAKSHI READ MORE