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The IOTA Foundation has recently partnered with RIDDLE&CODE to enable the industrial internet of things (IoT). Using RIDDLE&CODE’s blockchain it would be possible to process data from reliable sources. The information was released a few days ago in a blog post by the IOTA Foundation. IOTA Foundation Wants to Enable Industrial IoT With the new collaboration between the IOTA Foundation and RIDDLE&CODE, they will be enabling autonomous machine-to-machine transactions using the IOTA Tangle. With RIDDLE&CODE’s blockchain hardware, a new secure environment for business processes will be enabled. This would only allow reliable information from trusted sources. This solution limits data to sources that have a certified identity. Moreover, the partnership will enable significant enhancements over existing technologies that can be copied or cloned such as QR codes. Using a crypto chip built by RIDDLE&CODE it is possible to provide a device with a tamper-proof digital identity. This would transform it into a trusted source of data. CARLOS TERENZI READ MORE