. https://efficientgov.com/blog/2018/12/05/the-unsung-benefits-of-in-house-data-storage/
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Britt Mowery of InterOptic discusses the benefits of in-house data storage, and hybrid solutions for sensitive data, like police body camera footage. In the last few years, enthusiasm around cloud-based data storage has reached almost a fever pitch. But in-house data storage still has a lot to offer, especially to government agencies that need to offer high levels of data assurance or need their data to be highly accessible. The reality for most agencies is that a hybrid solution fits best: some cloud, some in-house infrastructure. Finding the right combination enables agencies to tap into the expertise and infrastructure cloud providers offer while maintaining tight control of any data that has statutory protection requirements. Assurance & Accessibility: 2 Ways In-House Wins In the context of government needs, onsite data storage has two major advantages over cloud-based alternatives: Data assurance: Government agencies must typically meet stringent standards for maintaining the privacy and security of certain data in their care. READ MORE