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By now you’ve heard countless stories for how insecure public Wi-Fi networks in coffee shops, bars, and large venues can be too dangerous for users – malware can infect personal devices, hackers can acquire usernames and passwords, and ransomware can hold private data hostage. In places like airports, potentially millions of travelers are at risk to these types of cyberattacks because of open networks. According to an assessment by Coronet in a CNBC article, you can put a stop to these problems by not joining an open, public Wi-Fi network at all – or if you do, update your device software and use different passwords for different accounts in the event you do get hacked. While some of these recommendations may be sensible from a device-side perspective, the reality is that you connect to open networks with the expectation that businesses are taking care of things like security – would you expect big brands to risk their image on guest Wi-Fi that can be compromised? Typically, no – which is the type of mentality many users have, and you as an IT pro need to level-set. DAVE CHEN READ MORE