Anomali delivers critical threat intelligence capabilities, allowing organizations to detect, investigate and respond to serious external threats. The company’s unmatched customer base spans all major verticals and includes partnerships with many ISACs and threat exchanges.


DevOps has been widely embraced by businesses under pressure to get competitively advantageous digital deliverables to market at the fastest possible cadence—especially given the reality of limited coder headcount and the need to rigorously avoid brand-toxic snafus in the customer experience. Artificial intelligence (AI), in stark contrast, is a potentially transformative digital discipline that is still very new to most enterprise IT organizations. But while it’s certainly important...

FireEye has released GeoLogonalyzer, an open source tool that can help organizations detect malicious logins based on geolocation and other data. Many organizations need to allow their employees to connect to enterprise systems from anywhere in the world. However, threat actors often rely on stolen credentials to access a targeted company’s systems. Identifying legitimate logins and malicious ones can be challenging, but FireEye hopes to solve the problem with its GeoLogonalyzer, which lev...

Apcela today released a network telemetry and monitoring agent, AppMon, that integrates with its Enhanced Analytics Platform. The agent constantly scans the network and its applications to locate application-specific performance problems and to figure out ways to optimize the network. AppMon sensors run on a host, typically a virtual machine (VM) on a server. This allows users to deploy the sensors in a dense mesh and creates a more granular method of measurement and detection. AppMon measures a...

While nearly half of hackers are contemplating a ban on the sale of ransomware, new attack methods like those used in WannaCry and Petya demonstrate that it isn’t going anywhere soon. As prolific and intrusive as ransomware has become, it would seem that the majority of cybercriminals are reveling in this lucrative attack vector. But a new report from security firms Anomali and Flashpoint found that there are many dark web forum administrators facing an ethical dilemma about its sale....


As hackers continue to improve their methods, organizations are swapping traditional security software for more modern products that can provide better protection against attacks. A Florida-based startup called Zenedge LLC raised $6.2 million in funding today to try and capitalize on the trend with its namesake web application firewall. The hosted system uses patent-pending artificial intelligence technology to understand what kind of traffic a website or a cloud service typically serves and ide...

After launch in June 2012, Carat has helped over 850,000 users, of which 41 percent have been Android and 59 percent iOS users, respectively. The new user interface follows modern application design guidelines and presents battery information in a more intuitive and easy to use manner. The user interface features the number of energy intensive applications (Hogs), energy anomalies (Bugs) and user recommendations (Actions) at a glance on the main screen as well as global energy statistics for the...


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