Accelerating 5G Infrastructure Deployments with NXP

March 2, 2023

From NXP’s 5G solutions, an entirely new network infrastructure is taking shape. One capable of connecting billions of devices wirelessly. Every day, NXP and our partners are enabling global telecoms to rapidly deploy 5G infrastructure with greater power efficiency and a lighter footprint.



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Data Centre Risk Assessment

video | March 18, 2023

Our Data Center Risk Assessment will provide you with a holistic overview of your data center and will guide you on how to mitigate risks and reduce operating as well as downtime expenses....

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Cloudmon - Availability Performance Monitoring of IT Infrastructure & Networks - Veryx

video | March 22, 2023

Veryx Cloudmon provides visibility and monitoring capabilities for digital businesses utilizing cloud & data centers as well as for telco networks that need to deliver consistent network services....

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Navigating to Cloud - A Beginner’s Guide to Cloud Computing Services - Odyssey Analytics

video | March 10, 2023

Scalability, reliability, and accessibility are a few factors that entreat companies to go for cloud computing services. This infrastructure leverages enterprises to transform their traditional storage and computing system into the fully managed cloud platform. These cloud platforms are fully scalable when demanded....

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Code Editor: Overview

video | February 23, 2023

This video describes features of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Code Editor and walks through common scenarios....

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