STL and Analog Devices collaborate to build Open RAN 5G radio units

STL | March 01, 2022

STL an industry-leading integrator of digital networks, announced a collaboration with Analog Devices, Inc. to develop 5G Open RAN radio units (O-RU). Together, the two companies will build 5G-ready solutions to expand the diversity of commercially available O-RUs and facilitate the growth of Open RAN networks. As a part of this collaboration, STL and Analog Devices will work closely with other ecosystem providers, including leading power amplifier (PA) vendors, to expand the range of STL's Garuda O-RU indoor small cell offerings. STL will integrate Analog Devices' leading RadioVerse transceivers into Garuda to create power-efficient, high-performance radios.

"STL has developed a set of open, disaggregated, virtualized and programmable products and solutions for the access side of the network, Garuda is a next-generation radio product with open interfaces compliant to O-RAN standards. It is cost-effective and a key component in solutions that deliver Industry 4.0 use cases, such as worker safety and factory automation. Leveraging Analog Devices' RadioVerse offerings in our products creates a new industry benchmark for indoor small cell radios, enabling the full power of 5G technology to enhance billions of lives worldwide."

Chris Rice, CEO, Access Solutions Business, STL

As operators begin rolling out their Open RAN networks, there is increasing demand for regionally customized O-RUs to meet frequency band and power needs. The O-RU is one part of the network that cannot be virtualized, and with expanding requirements for the commercial-ready frequency band and power options, existing indoor radio options limit network operators' choices. STL's Garuda radio product line expands the availability of O-RU devices across global markets.

"Building on the success of the Garuda project, we look forward to expanding the collaboration with STL and providing the Open RAN ecosystem with high-performance O-RUs," said Nitin Sharma, General Manager of the Wireless Systems Group at Analog Devices.

About STL - Sterlite Technologies Ltd:
STL is a leading integrator of digital networks providing All-in 5G solutions. Our capabilities across wireless connectivity, optical networking, software, and services, place us amongst the top 5G RAN vendors by Gartner. These capabilities are built on open-source and converged architectures helping telcos, cloud companies, citizen networks, and large enterprises deliver next-gen experiences to their customers. STL partners with service providers globally in achieving a green and sustainable digital future in alignment with UN SDG goals.


The Thread Group, an industry consortium that drives network standardization for connected homes, is poised to extend its networking specification into the commercial building sector. This white paper explains why Thread is the natural choice for connectivity beyond the home, and lays the foundation for the role Thread technology will play in the commercial segment.

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HYPER-CONVERGED INFRASTRUCTURE launches first hyperconverged stack supporting the NVIDIA Jetson-based Lenovo ThinkEdge SE70 to make edge AI deployable at scale

Sunlight | June 30, 2022, the edge infrastructure company, today announced support for the NVIDIA Jetson™ edge AI platform, and the Lenovo SE70, with the launch of its beta program — ‘Project Rosie.’ Sunlight NexVisor is the first full hyperconverged stack to support the Arm-CPU-based NVIDIA Jetson. Sunlight NexVisor coupled with the Lenovo SE70 makes it easy to deploy AI applications anywhere at the edge. Application developers can be the first to access the technology and test their AI applications by applying here. AI is a ‘killer application’ at the edge where it is bringing real-time “insight to action” across a wide range of use cases. For example, computer vision — combining cameras, video streaming and analytics — is being implemented at drive-thrus nationwide for faster and more personalized food ordering; on manufacturing production lines to instantly identify and remove faulty items; and across smart cities to enhance population and crowd security. These sorts of AI applications need high levels of processing power with low latency and reliable networking in order to give real-time results. Enterprises want to replicate the simplicity of the hyperconverged infrastructure they enjoy in their core data centers for their edge AI applications. However, datacenter HCI isn’t able to run in the constrained environments that exist at the edge due to their large RAM and CPU overhead and lack of edge management capabilities. This makes edge deployments extremely resource intensive to manage and hard to scale. Sunlight NexVisor is the only hyperconverged stack that is able to run on both x86 and Arm architectures and with a tiny footprint suitable for constrained edge environments. It includes centralized management and application deployment capabilities. NVIDIA Jetson is the world's leading platform for AI at the edge. NVIDIA Jetson modules are small form-factor, high-performance computers containing an Arm processor and GPU. The combination of Sunlight NexVisor and the NVIDIA Jetson-powered Lenovo ThinkEdge SE70 makes it possible to run demanding edge AI applications in harsh environments that span hundreds or thousands of sites with easy single-pane-of-glass management, low TCO and tiny power and space requirements. Sunlight is a member of NVIDIA Inception, a global program designed to nurture cutting-edge startups. Scott Tease, Lenovo’s VP for HPC and AI said, "Our customers realize the advantages of edge AI and deploying solutions closer to the point of data capture to run real-time inferencing. That is why we are so excited to be partnering up with Sunlight as they support our edge portfolio to significantly improve the efficiency and economics of AI deployments for customers worldwide." “We are excited to launch this exclusive beta program for users who need to run efficient, manageable AI out where the data is generated — at the edge. “Sunlight already offers full support for the Lenovo ThinkEdge and ThinkSystem range, including the Intel-based SE30, SE50, SE350 and SE450. Together, we’ve been able to produce a truly industry-first solution by combining Sunlight’s turn-key, edge-as-a-service offering with Lenovo’s leading AI edge platform powered by NVIDIA Jetson. Sunlight was born out of a collaboration with Arm back in 2013 to build a lightweight hypervisor, and we’re seeing huge demand for the use of Arm-based servers at the edge due to their performance and power-efficiency.” Julian Chesterfield, Founder and CEO of Sunlight About Sunlight The Sunlight Edge is a reliable, secure, zero-touch and economic infrastructure that helps turn your critical edge data into real-time insight and action across your retail stores, manufacturing lines and smart cities. Sunlight makes running and managing applications and infrastructure at the edge as easy as in the cloud. Sunlight works with efficient, ruggedized edge hardware — so you can consolidate all of your in-location edge applications with full isolation, security and high availability.

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TriStruX Announces New Investment from Huron Capital

TriStruX | December 27, 2021

TriStruX, a leading provider of telecom infrastructure services to wireless carriers, cable companies and OEMs, has been acquired by leading middle-market private equity firm, Huron Capital. TriStruX is the result of the 2020 merger of Telcom Engineering Group ("TEG"), Leone Electric Corporation ("LEC") and High Point Utilities ("HPU"). The founders of the companies, Francisco Pena, Nicholas J. Leone, Craig Langenbach and Scott Palmenberg, will remain with the company in key management roles and maintain minority equity stakes in the merged company. TriStruX is a national provider of telecommunications infrastructure services for macro cell towers and 5G wireless, underground and overhead fiber, and power and electrical services installation and maintenance services. The company's key clients include the largest leading US telecommunications and cable companies. Since the 2020 combination, the company has significantly expanded its business in the Northeast, California, Southeast and Midwest markets, grown company revenue significantly in 2021 over 2020 and prepared to open 4 new markets in 1Q 2022. "Huron's investment will help us grow to be one of the strongest Telecom services providers in the market. I am so proud of the quality company we have built, but we are stronger and more nimble with Huron's backing", said Nicholas J. Leone, Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer. "Our clients are telling us to grow faster and bigger but not lose the quality and "can do" success we bring to them. This combination with Huron ensures we can accomplish that and will result in more and better service to our clients." said Frank Pena, Chairman of the Board. "We are very pleased to launch a Telecom Infrastructure Services Platform with the acquisition of TriStruX", said Huron Managing Partner Jim Mahoney. "The Infrastructure Services market is very early in the investment cycle of building wireless telecom and fiber capabilities to deliver 5G services across the US. Huron is excited to support TriStruX's track record of high-quality service delivery and deep focus on safety with access to capital and management support." Industry veteran Gene Callahan will join the Company's Board of Directors. Randall P Muench, current CEO of TriStruX will continue to serve as CEO of the merged company. "Significant organic growth and crossing the $100M revenue level was an excellent year but we are just getting started." said Muench. "Our team is laser focused on delivering quality wireless site installations and hundreds of miles of fiber at the scale that our clients expect and building a great place to work for our team. I'm especially excited to be on this journey with Huron who brings deep expertise in building scalable businesses and accelerating growth through M&A." About TriStruX, LLC TriStruX, LLC provides comprehensive turnkey telecommunications service solutions across the continental United States. Our mission is to provide the highest level of quality and excellence as a turnkey solution provider, building telecommunications infrastructure (5G, fiber installation, macro tower services, DAS) in our key markets. As a national, scaled service provider, we successfully compete in the telecommunications, power/electrical, utility, venue and regional / state / local government space. In 2020, the principals of Telcom Engineering Group (founded in 1991), Leone Electrical Company (founded in 1977) and High Point Utility merged to create TriStruX. Visit to learn more. About Huron Capital Founded in Detroit in 1999, Huron Capital ("Huron") is an operationally focused private equity firm with a long history of growing middle-market companies through its proprietary ExecFactor® buy-and-build investment model. Huron prefers complex situations where it can help companies reach their full potential by combining its operational approach, substantial capital base, and transaction experience with seasoned operating executives. An early pioneer of the buy-and-build approach, Huron has successfully established six private equity funds aggregating nearly $2.0 billion in committed capital and invested in over 235 companies, and its portfolio companies have employed over 11,000 people throughout North America.

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Huawei Unveils Full-Stack Data Center Solution to Renew Digital Infrastructure

Huawei | March 07, 2022

At MWC 2022 Barcelona, Huawei unveiled the Full-Stack Data Center Solution during the Huawei Full-Stack Data Center Forum. Designed to help enterprises embrace modern data centers, this brand-new solution leverages the power of Huawei's full-stack capabilities from energy consumption to IT equipment. It is built to help businesses modernize their data center infrastructure and lay a solid foundation for digital transformation, with four key principals at its core: renew computing & storage, renew network, renew reliability, and renew green. Just as we can't live without mobile phones, enterprises can't live without data centers. Data centers are the computers of enterprises. It's estimated that more than 90% of computing power and data will be aggregated in data centers by 2025. This makes data centers the key to driving enterprises to go digital. At the session, Ian Redpath, Informa Analyst said, " Enterprises are modernizing their data centers with green DC facilities, and innovative ICT infrastructure and cloud technologies. The renewal of data centers will improve enterprises' business efficiency and optimize TCO." "Building cloud, intensive, and green data centers poses many new challenges to ICT infrastructure. Our Full-Stack Data Center Solution addresses these challenges by renewing computing & storage, network, reliability, and green to reshape digital infrastructure and accelerate digital transformation." Mr. Shi Wei, Director of Huawei Data Center Solution Dept The four key principals of the Huawei Full-Stack Data Center solution are as follows: Renew Computing & Storage: Digital transformation increases the requirements for computing power and storage resources in data centers. Huawei provides all-flash storage products suitable for all scenarios to accelerate data processing in primary storage, data analysis, and data backup. Its OceanStor Dorado all-flash storage, for example, uses the NVMe over Fabric plus (NoF+) network and FlashLink algorithm to reduce latency to 0.05 milliseconds, which is 2 times faster than competing products. The FusionCube HCI series implements xPU computing power convergence, storage-compute-network convergence, and service convergence to offer HCI and capabilities featuring efficiency, green, and application, improving the VM/container density by 30% over the traditional HCI. To help with cloud transformation, Huawei Cloud Stack (HCS) provides an intelligent cloud management platform and intelligent data lakes to implement on-demand resource provisioning and fast service rollout. Huawei OceanStor Dorado has been extensively used in a wide range of industries around the world. At this forum, Huawei launched the next-generation OceanStor Dorado all-flash storage with the gateway-free active-active solution for SAN and NAS, and invited customers in the healthcare industry to share their stories using this product. Large- and medium-sized hospitals in European countries face pressing challenges in performance and O&M when dealing with data growing at an annual rate between 60% and 120%. These challenges are easily addressed by the OceanStor Dorado all-flash storage because it not only solves performance bottlenecks, but also simplifies O&M through multi-workload consolidation. Additionally, the unique gateway-free active-active solution for SAN and NAS ensures zero loss of mission-critical data and zero service disruption. Renew Network: The growing scale of services increases the need for efficiency and makes management more complex. Huawei provides a network solution comprising lossless Ethernet powered by the industry's only iLossless intelligent algorithm; WDM devices; routers using the industry's only board-level cable technology; and data-network synergy for one-stop minute-level provisioning of private line services, to achieve ultimate agility and efficiency of data center networks. Renew Reliability: To improve the disaster recovery (DR) capability of data centers, Huawei provides the all-scenario DR solution. The solution provides full-stack DR, full-cycle efficient backup, and unified DR management to ensure highly reliable data center services anytime and anywhere. For example, Huawei's storage and wavelength division device collaboration technology shortens the active-active link switchover time from 50 to 5 ms, and the OceanProtect Backup Storage, built on the all-flash architecture, improves the backup bandwidth three-fold thanks to the end-to-end acceleration feature. Renew Green: Huawei believes that to build a green and low-carbon data center, data center infrastructure needs to be reconstructed throughout the entire lifecycle, from construction, power supply, and distribution to cooling and O&M. Huawei also provides the full-link converged power module that runs on the high-power density UPS integrated with UPS power distribution center (PDC), to reduce data center footprint by 47%. Such a module also fully utilizes data center space, saving more than 10% of the IT equipment space. Huawei also offers an indirect evaporative cooling solution EHU (environment handling unit) that runs on its unique polymer heat exchanger to maximize natural cooling sources. The EHU can also collaborate with iCooling, the industry's only commercial AI energy optimization technology, to reduce the PUE to less than 1.2 compared with the chilled water-based cooling system, reducing annual energy consumption by over 14%. By combining the advantages of full-stack data center products and solutions, Huawei helps customers build an industry-leading cloud, intensive, and green data center and power their digital transformation.

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Datadog Announces Global Strategic Partnership with AWS for Observability and Security

Datadog | January 15, 2022

Datadog, Inc the monitoring and security platform for cloud applications, today announced a global strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS). As part of this collaboration, AWS and Datadog will work together to develop and deliver tighter product alignment in the future. As a trusted AWS Partner, Datadog has earned several AWS Competencies that demonstrate Datadog's high level of specialization, AWS technical expertise and proven customer success. Datadog's existing AWS Competencies include: Microsoft Workloads ISV Competency DevOps ISV Competency Government ISV Competency Containers ISV Competency Migration and Modernization ISV Competency By delivering deep visibility into AWS-hosted, on-premises and hybrid environments during every phase of a cloud migration, Datadog helps leading organizations achieve their digital transformation goals with confidence. After enabling a one-click integration, Datadog pulls metrics and tags from more than 70 AWS services to give customers a comprehensive view of their entire infrastructure, including key technologies such as AWS Lambda and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). Customers can also benefit from Datadog's full-stack security across all layers of their cloud environment. This means customers can easily analyze their apps, workloads and infrastructure with just a few clicks and enrich security signals with Datadog-managed threat intelligence feeds. "Observability and security are critical to ensure AWS environments run as efficiently and smoothly as possible," said Ilan Rabinovitch, Senior Vice President, Product & Community at Datadog. "This extended partnership with AWS will help speed the pace of innovation for customers using AWS and Datadog, and we are excited to provide deeper product alignment and go-to-market initiatives to ultimately benefit our customers." "Datadog is a trusted partner of AWS. Both companies share a commitment to developing excellent products and a focus on customer obsession, which is why AWS is delighted to further the work with Datadog,This strategic collaboration will open up joint marketing and co-selling programs between Datadog and AWS that will bring new opportunities for customers across the globe." Matt Garman, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at AWS About Datadog Datadog is the monitoring and security platform for cloud applications. Our SaaS platform integrates and automates infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring and log management to provide unified, real-time observability of our customers' entire technology stack. Datadog is used by organizations of all sizes and across a wide range of industries to enable digital transformation and cloud migration, drive collaboration among development, operations, security and business teams, accelerate time to market for applications, reduce time to problem resolution, secure applications and infrastructure, understand user behavior and track key business metrics.

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The Thread Group, an industry consortium that drives network standardization for connected homes, is poised to extend its networking specification into the commercial building sector. This white paper explains why Thread is the natural choice for connectivity beyond the home, and lays the foundation for the role Thread technology will play in the commercial segment.