Prysmian Group Selects IBM To Help Accelerate Digital Transformation With Adoption of IBM Cloud

PR Newswire | April 09, 2020

Prysmian Group  a global leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry and the largest manufacturer of cables in the world, has selected IBM Services (NYSE: IBM) to help expand and manage its global technological infrastructure. The three-year agreement engagement is designed to addresses Prysmian's need to better integrate their presence in 50 countries around the world. Managed by IBM Services, Prysmian will integrate its IT infrastructure with IBM Cloud and adopt a hybrid cloud strategy.


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Quali Strengthens Infrastructure Control Plane Features for DevOps and IT Teams with Latest Release of Torque

Quali | April 19, 2022

Ahead of AWS Summit in San Francisco Quali, a leading provider of Environments-as-a-Service infrastructure automation solutions, announced the release of enhanced control plane features for its Torque platform, which enables DevOps professionals to orchestrate and secure complex application environments by simplifying infrastructure provisioning, eliminating siloed infrastructure and addressing infrastructure provisioning bottlenecks. New features expand automation and orchestration capabilities for heterogeneous environments including public, private, hybrid and container infrastructure, improve cost visibility and strengthen governance over security and compliance protocols, including: Orchestration across heterogeneous application environments: Torque simplifies the orchestration and management of container, IaC and private cloud technologies with support for Helm, Terraform and vCenter all in the same modular, reusable blueprint, allowing users to define and provision environments complete with governance and policy definitions. By simplifying complex environments into self-service blueprints, DevOps teams can maintain control over cloud resources without slowing down developer access to infrastructure. Cost visibility and control: Torque now includes enhanced visibility and cost control capabilities including the ability to set limits for maximum duration and number of concurrent environments, limits for the total cost of an environment, Kubernetes cost reporting and improved forecasting and resource consumption policies per blueprint, sandbox and spaces. Enhanced security postures: Security enhancements include new customizable role-based access to blueprints, API Token Controls and integrations with secrets management technologies. DevOps teams can now leverage secrets into their blueprint designs and Torque will populate secrets during the deployment of sandboxes, automatically hardening the sandboxes. "Organizations are increasingly constrained in their application development capabilities due to the growing complexity of infrastructure and the proliferation of the underlying tools in their technology stacks. Torque is the control plane that helps them maintain control over their infrastructure, so they can speed development while managing costs and enhancing governance to reduce risks to their organizations." Edan Evantal, CTO of Quali Torque is available for free via a 30-day free trial of Torque Enterprise, or as a free tier for individuals or small teams. Recent enhancements to the Torque UI also include the ability for users to get started using Torque without the need to connect to a cloud account. Simply create an account or login via GitHub to explore sample blueprints and launch sample environments. Users are also encouraged to join the Torque community for additional support or to provide additional product feedback. Quali will be attending AWS Summit in San Francisco April 20th and 21st. Stop by our booth, number 821, to meet the Quali team and learn more about Torque. About Quali  Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Quali provides the leading platform for Environments-as-a-Service infrastructure automation solutions, helping companies achieve freedom from infrastructure complexity, so they can operate with velocity. Global 2000 enterprises and innovators everywhere rely on Quali's award-winning CloudShell and Torque platforms to create self-service, on-demand automation solutions that increase engineering productivity, cut cloud costs and optimize infrastructure utilization.

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Mozart Data Raises $15 Million to Make Data Infrastructure and Tools Accessible to Start-Ups

Mozart Data | April 29, 2022

Mozart Data, the all-in-one modern data platform, announced it raised $15 million in Series A funding led by Craft Ventures with participation from Goldcrest Capital, Spearhead, Apollo Projects, and Valor Equity Partners. Mozart Data provides a Snowflake data warehouse, ETL, transformation, and other no-code tools to consolidate, organize, and clean company data before the analysis stage. Mozart's all-in-one data platform decreases company time and resources spent on building and maintaining data infrastructure. The new funding brings the company's total funds raised to $21M. "We're empowering customers of all technical levels to build best-in-class data stacks in under an hour, Companies can give teams the power to get the data they need without being blocked by engineering, and instead use their time to focus on the analysis that produces unique insights about their business." -Peter Fishman, CEO and Co-Founder of Mozart Data. Since raising its seed round in 2020, Mozart Data has had more than a 500% increase in annual recurring revenue. The new round of funding will help Mozart Data hone in on its current product, while introducing additional offerings such as the ability to support customers with existing Snowflake databases. Now, companies with a Snowflake account will be able to plug their database into Mozart Data's platform, gaining access to a collection of powerful data tools. Mozart Data helps companies work with data more efficiently, spend less time managing their data pipelines, and empower less technical users with easy-to-use features including: ETL: Over 300 data connectors available for users to easily extract data from databases, CRMs, ad platforms, payment providers, and other systems without any coding. Push cleaned data into a business intelligence tool or spreadsheet for visualization and reporting. Data Warehouse: Overcome siloed data by consolidating data from multiple sources in a Snowflake warehouse. Data Transformation: Automate cleaning and preparing data for analysis, create a single source of truth, and ensure everyone works with the most recent and cleanest data. Automatically capture a record of your data at regular intervals for auditing and history tracking. Data Cataloging and Observability: Data lineage, version history, and run history provide a look into what's happening in the pipeline so users can quickly identify and debug problems. Data Reliability: Increase reliability and trust with proactive alerts when an error is detected. "Mozart Data lowers the barrier to building a modern data stack, By bundling and connecting best-in-class data infrastructure, Mozart empowers teams of any stage to orchestrate their businesses more intelligently." -Brian Murray, Partner and COO, Craft Ventures Read more about Mozart Data's modern data platform here. About Mozart Data Mozart Data is the all-in-one modern data platform that gives anyone the tools to consolidate, organize, and prepare data for analysis. Mozart Data is on a mission to empower anyone to get the most out of their data without engineering or technical knowledge. Businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, use Mozart Data to power their data infrastructure and free up their teams to focus on the data engineering and analysis that's unique to them. Learn more at

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Equinix Expands in Latin America, Completes Acquisition of Four Data Centers in Chile

Equinix | May 06, 2022

Equinix, Inc. , the world's digital infrastructure company™, today announced it has extended Platform Equinix® deeper into Latin America following the completion of the acquisition of four data centers in Chile from Empresa Nacional De Telecomunicaciones S.A. ("Entel"), a leading Chilean telecommunications provider. Equinix also announced it has signed an agreement to acquire one additional data center in Peru, also from Entel, subject to the satisfaction of closing conditions. The enterprise value for the five data centers is approximately US$735 million at current exchange rates in effect on the dates of signing. Equinix has a decade-long history in Latin America and currently operates 11 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. The addition of four new data centers in the strategic Santiago, Chile metro—a growing data center and technology hub—provides an opportunity for local businesses and multinational companies to accelerate their digital transformation while solidifying Equinix's position as the largest provider of digital infrastructure services in the region. The new data centers offer significant expansion capacity for future growth in Santiago, allowing Equinix to support both immediate and future customer needs. Under the terms of the agreement, Equinix and Entel have agreed to form a strategic partnership to enable enterprises to leverage hybrid multicloud solutions to accelerate their digital transformation. About Equinix Equinix is the world's digital infrastructure company, enabling digital leaders to harness a trusted platform to bring together and interconnect the foundational infrastructure that powers their success. Equinix enables today's businesses to access all the right places, partners and possibilities they need to accelerate advantage. With Equinix, they can scale with agility, speed the launch of digital services, deliver world-class experiences and multiply their value.

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FiberSense Board of Directors Adds International IT Infrastructure Experience with Chris Sharp Joining as Co-Chair

FiberSense | June 13, 2022

Rapidly expanding infrastructure sensing and monitoring company, Fiber Sense Limited (FiberSense), today announced the appointment of Chris Sharp, Digital Realty (NYSE: DLR) Chief Technology Officer (CTO), as a Non-Executive Director. Chris will join existing Chairman Bevan Slattery as Co-Chair. Sharp, having led technology teams across two of the largest data center operators in the world, brings an extensive background in championing the development of new technology strategies and applying them to global markets. Sharp's leadership is a significant addition to the FiberSense Board as it embarks on the scale-up phase of operations. Currently CTO of Digital Realty (DLR), a leading global provider of Digital Infrastructure services, Sharp was previously at Equinix where he led innovation of next-generation cloud and interconnection solutions. Sharp has also held leadership roles at network and colocation providers, including Qwest Communications, MCI/Verizon Business and Reliance Globalcom. "I am delighted to join the Board as Co-Chair," Chris Sharp said. "I have watched with interest the development of FiberSense's unique approach to reimagining the value inherent in the ubiquitous fiber optic cables around us. The company is a true innovator in the way it takes existing network investments and then layers highly valuable sensing and monitoring services through machine learning technologies for applications such as infrastructure asset protection services. The technology that they have developed, and that's now in the market, is a real game changer." "Chris has been at the forefront of navigating the opportunities that new digital technologies present to enhance and transform our client's infrastructure and the communities they serve. The knowledge and unique perspective he brings will be of great benefit in guiding the FiberSense Team through our ambitious growth plans as we drive greater value from the proprietary applications for sensing and monitoring that we have developed." FiberSense Founder and CEO, Mark Englund Fellow Co-Chair, Bevan Slattery, said "International IT leadership skill sets of the kind that Chris brings to a Board are in high demand around the globe. The fact that he has chosen to join the Board of FiberSense is a huge vote of confidence in the strategy, direction and growth potential of the company. I'm very pleased to share the Co-Chair role with him as we now move to our next phase of ramping up growth." About FiberSense The FiberSense suite of proprietary technologies leverages existing telecom fiber cables to provide valuable insights to a wide range of customers. These insights can prevent strikes to critical underground assets such as water and gas pipelines or high voltage power cables. By converting fiber into an array of sensors, FiberSense can detect, classify and track events and objects in real time, such as vehicles, pedestrians, excavators, pit tampering and route flapping events.

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