Persistent Systems Delivers Digital-first Banking Infrastructure for New Challenger GB Bank

Persistent Systems | May 17, 2022

Persistent Systems Delivers
GB Bank, a new specialist bank that will boost economic growth and prosperity by being the property development finance lender of choice in underserved UK regions, has partnered with Digital Engineering provider Persistent Systems (BSE: PERSISTENT) (NSE: PERSISTENT), to build its digital-first IT infrastructure and support the bank's ongoing operations.

Persistent's Digital Bank and Credit Union Solution has enabled GB Bank to rapidly build a bespoke cloud architecture using a 'digital mosaic' approach. At the core of the solution is a microservices based integration layer and pre-built integrations, that allow the selection of technologies best suited to deliver on the unique vision. Persistent's solution provides flexibility to easily add or replace specific technologies, avoiding vendor lock-in and creating a future-proof architecture that can evolve with the bank's growth and strategy.

To deliver on its promise, GB Bank's strategy is to provide outstanding customer service, delivered by technology-enabled relationship managers. Instead of relying on traditional banking technologies, UK's newest challenger bank is committed to building an ecosystem of solutions, including payment and reporting features which can be integrated or replaced dynamically in response to the changing demands of a growing business. GB Bank has carefully selected cloud-based solutions providers, including Mambu, OutSystems and AWS to ensure the best-in-class features are implemented. Persistent is utilizing its Digital Bank and Credit Union Solution to seamlessly integrate them all.

"Accessing finance still remains a challenge for many developers and it's our ambition to make that a much easier, more straightforward process. We want to give our customers the support and resources they need and deserve, and so it has been vital to surround ourselves with a network of skilled partners to help us bring the bank to life.  To ensure success at every stage, we needed a systems integrator with a proven track record of integrating a flexible, composable infrastructure. In what has been a significant investment for GB Bank, the team at Persistent has lent their skill and experience to turn our vision into operating reality. Persistent's track record in working with challenger banks and its understanding of how to design and develop a robust digital infrastructure has been central to us getting to this point. Stephen Lancaster, CEO at GB Bank

"Challenger banks such as GB Bank are hugely important to the evolving financial landscape as they provide a simple and specialized service to niche markets, such as the Northern property developers GB Bank will support. Our Digital Bank and Credit Union Solution brings together the best of the SaaS solutions which ensures the complexity of building the IT infrastructure translates into the simplicity and flexibility needed by the bank, allowing it to deliver excellent customer service, underpinned by a sophisticated and flexible technical platform."

-Jaideep Dhok, SVP & General Manager, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Persistent Systems

About GB Bank
GB Bank is a new specialist bank.  A bank with a purpose. GB Bank is a force for good, committed to boosting economic growth and prosperity for underserved regions of the UK.  Driving a positive change by being at the heart of a property development eco-system, dedicated to regenerating communities across the UK. Leading with regional passion and expertise, GB Bank will provide easy access to bespoke property development loan products with incentives for sustainable and zero carbon developments and rewards for developers committed to creating local employment opportunities. To support GB Bank's commitment to funding sustainable developments for the greater good, the loans are coupled with competitive savings products, directly linked to ecologically sound residential and commercial developments in communities that need them most.

GB Bank has successfully secured its UK banking licence (Authorised with restrictions or 'AWR'), which means it has been authorised and regulated to trade with restrictions by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA). The bank's senior team is passionately led by Chair Paul Rippon, who co-founded Monzo and Starling.

There is a serious undersupply of housing in Britain. Alongside availability of land and planning permission, easy access to the right financial loan products is a key driver of this. GB Bank is determined to be a powerful force for good, offering products, knowledge, and partnerships to  make a tangible impact in property development in the UK.

GB Bank intends to provide property development loans of between £1 million and £5 million, supporting regional property developers, small and medium sized businesses, and construction companies across the underserved regions of the UK. It aims to lend £3 billion over five years building a £1 billion plus balance sheet. It will fund almost 20,000 homes and several million square feet of office space, supporting the creation of over 100,000 jobs. For savers, competitive fixed rates will be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

About Persistent
With over 18,500 employees located in 19 countries, Persistent Systems (BSE & NSE: PERSISTENT) is a global services and solutions company delivering Digital Engineering and Enterprise Modernization. Persistent was named to the Forbes Asia Best Under a Billion 2021 list, representing consistent top-and bottom-line performance as well as growth.


The Data Center Facilities project has been successfully reincubated and has gained momentum in its development and launch of the OCP Ready Program and the Modular Data Center Subproject. Moving the Project forward to maximize our contribution to the community requires a defined structure and organization around the projects focus areas. A revised Charter with the new structure and vision for the project will be presented. Presented by Brevan Reyher.

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Cortex Gives Global Enterprises Autodiscovery for Cloud Infrastructure

Cortex | July 27, 2022

Cortex today announced new innovations designed to give engineering teams the same levels of visibility into and control over cloud infrastructure that the platform has, since its inception, over microservices. The company’s industry-leading System of Record for Engineering, which has given engineers and SREs comprehensive microservices visibility and control, now provides a Resource Catalog that extends to the entire cloud environment, including S3 buckets, databases, caches, load balancers and data pipelines. “We’ve now extended the platform to say, ‘Here's all the infrastructure we have, here's who owns it, here's what they do, and here's how they tie to the services,’” said Ganesh Datta, co-founder and CTO of Cortex. “We found that many customer infrastructure teams were already using the platform for tracking infrastructure migrations for microservices with Cortex scorecards, and that they wanted to expand that to include all of their assets. The platform now provides a central repository for all of that information.” Cortex Resource Catalog The new Cortex Resource Catalog enables customers to define their own resources in addition to those predefined by the platform. For example, customers wanting to represent a certain path within an S3 bucket as a first-class resource owned by a certain team, or who want to represent kafka topics as resources along with relationships to their consumer/producer microservices, can now do so using Cortex. “Giving developers observability of their infrastructure gives them much-needed contextual information that improves and speeds development of the applications and services they create,” said Paul Nashawaty, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “The ability to share this information across teams helps them stay aligned in their workflows and outcomes, and greatly benefits their organizations and their customers.” Cortex’s fast-growing customer base, which includes Adobe, Brex, Grammarly, Palo Alto Networks and SoFi, has found great flexibility in the platform, enabling them to develop a multitude of creative new use cases. The ability to systematically add items that are not microservices to a catalog, track them by owner and apply scorecards to their performance has been the company’s most-requested capability in the last 12 months. “These new capabilities provide significantly deeper visibility into what cloud resources are being used, by whom, and to what effect, than any single platform has had before. “These new levels of visibility and control give companies using Cortex greater ability to optimize a broader set of resources to enhance cross-functional collaboration and improve their own performance, which is especially important to engineering teams as they work to optimize resources to align with their business goals.” Cortex co-founder and CEO Anish Dhar About Cortex Cortex is designed to give engineers and SREs comprehensive visibility and control over microservices and cloud infrastructure. It does this by providing a single-pane-of-glass for visualization of service and infrastructure ownership, documentation and performance history, replacing institutional knowledge and spreadsheets. This gives engineering and SRE teams the visibility and control they need, even as teams shift, people move, platforms change and microservices and infrastructure continue to grow. Cortex is a YCombinator Company backed by Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global.

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Logpoint poll highlights extent of insecure and unmonitored business-critical systems

Logpoint | May 27, 2022

Logpoint has today announced findings from a recent poll to uncover the security and cost implications enterprises face with their existing IT infrastructure. The poll, issued on Twitter, was targeted at cybersecurity and IT professionals in both the US and UK. The poll revealed the extent of insecure and unmonitored business-critical systems, with 40 percent noting that they do not include business-critical systems such as SAP in their cybersecurity monitoring. In addition, a further 27 percent were unsure if it was included in their cybersecurity monitoring at all. This is concerning given that SAP serves as the core system behind every aspect of business operations. Not including this in the centralized security monitoring solution leaves organizations vulnerable and exposed to the risk of cyber threats. "Considering that 77 percent of global transactions touch an SAP system, protecting it against cyber-attacks is vital. Organizations store their most critical assets within SAP, and this data must be protected. SAP systems require extensive protection and security monitoring, and businesses need to ensure they have an integrated security operations platform that monitors all IT infrastructure to ensure they have complete visibility into their SAP system" said Andrew Lintell, Logpoint VP for EMEA. Furthermore, when asked how they currently review SAP logs for cybersecurity events or cyber threat activity, almost 30 percent of respondents admitted to not reviewing SAP logs in any way, and again, nearly 30 percent said they didn't know if this was being monitored. Failure to do so can create a blind spot for businesses and make it challenging to detect and quickly respond to fraud and threats within SAP. To add to this, only 23 percent said the process of reviewing SAP logs for cybersecurity events or cyber threat activity was automated through SIEM, with almost 19 percent still doing so manually. "Bringing SAP systems under the remit of cybersecurity solutions can massively reduce the security risks and provide logs to aid any audit processes. Accommodating it within the SIEM, for example, can enable these applications to benefit from automation and continuous monitoring, as well as coordinated threat detection and response with log storage and log management, to assist in subsequent investigations," commented Lintell. "The problem though, is that businesses are trying to fill the gaps in their cybersecurity stacks by devoting more spend to a growing litany of cloud security products, with many toolsets and features going unused or resulting in configuration failure and, ultimately, data breaches that could be avoided," Lintell added. For those businesses looking to invest in cloud security, a near 40 percent of respondents regarded software licensing in the cloud as too expensive, with 24 percent declaring it led to unknown future costs. Lock-in or lack of control with software licensing was also flagged as an issue by 22 percent, along with a lack of user-based licensing options by 14 percent, as the predominant model of charging is data usage-based. Lintell commented - "Businesses must continue to build out their cloud presence, and the market is seeing some natural consolidation as complementary technologies such as SIEM and SOAR converge. There are cost-effective options available, and a SaaS all-in-one solution can limit the costs associated with licensing, particularly if it's based on the number of devices sending data rather than on the volume of your data, which is where businesses are seeing costs escalate".

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ENZU Announces New Global Edge Solution

ENZU | June 15, 2022

ENZU, the "Born in the Cloud" provider of private cloud, infrastructure, and managed services and home of the TruCloud platform, is excited to announce the launch of its new ENZU EDGE portfolio to help clients quickly and affordably reach end-users in nearly any market around the world with high-performing and reliable cloud and infrastructure services! ENZU EDGE is built on bare metal technology and is geared for workloads that require the use of an entire server, when a custom hypervisor is needed, and a high-performance experience is critical. Our TruCloud portal also provides complete insight, visibility, and control of the entire ENZU EDGE hardware platform. ENZU's dedicated cloud solutions can replicate your data across multiple instances around the corner, or around the world, creating a high-performance, always-available, secure solution that delivers the best possible experience for end users no matter where they are. "The Edge is where everything is happening. Companies are looking for ways to get their content and services closer to their end users in a secure and effective way while not sacrificing reliability or control. Many of today's applications and workflows don't achieve the performance expected. Much of that is based on where they live and how the services are configured. Our job is to help create an environment that enables optimum performance, high levels of security, multiple layers of redundancy, and at a price point that doesn't break the budget." Art Schloerb, California-based EVP of Global Sales at ENZU Don't need an Edge solution ? That's OK. ENZU also offers a Bare Metal as a Service (BMaaS) option that can be fully managed, co-managed, or even self-managed by the client and can include full access and control of each device through their TruCloud portal. ENZU's Cloud solutions are all dedicated, optimized for the best performance, provisioned in a highly-redundant manner, have predictable and affordable flat rate pricing, and come with basic security services included as well as an Industry Leading 100% SLA (Service Level Agreement)! ENZU offers other services such as Disaster Recovery (DRaaS), Backup and Storage, Advanced Security, and a portfolio of managed and professional services. All of which support critical environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives as well as technical and financial transformation within your business. ABOUT ENZU ENZU, home of the TruCloud® Platform, fuels growth and innovation for organizations by delivering expert capabilities in Bare-Metal, Edge Computing, Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Disaster Recovery, and Security. The TruCloud® Platform is a user-friendly console that provides IT leaders visibility and control from any device, anywhere they are in the world, to scale business needs quickly, with multiple layers of security and redundancy built in. With a presence in more than 40 data centers globally and availability in over 300 more, ENZU provides services when and where you need them.

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Redington announces strategic partnership with Infoblox

Redington (India) Ltd | June 03, 2022

The network security solutions demand has expanded on a larger scale in this digital transformation Era. Redington, the largest IT Infrastructure & Solutions Distributor has entered a strategic partnership with Infoblox, the leader in cloud-first DNS management and security services. "We are excited to announce our partnership with Infoblox, providing secure Cloud-Managed Network Services and protect business from every threat with seamless communication and threat prevention. As the landscape of networks evolve, Infoblox helps organizations in their challenging environment by integrating network components, managing core network services and by connecting the hybrid and multi-cloud networks. This will help our channel partners meet the increased security needs of their customers as their business changes. Mr. R. Venkatesh President, Enterprise Business Group, Redington India Limited The collaboration helps Redington's extensive customer base across IT and ITES, BFSI, Pharma, Manufacturing and other sectors simplify, scale, and secure their networks for hybrid environments, which are foundational for remote work. "Redington is delighted to partner with Infoblox, which delivers network infrastructure and secured experience in the digital transformation Era. This will help in the expansion of our security portfolio as well as the enhancement of our partners to provide best of breed solutions," said Mr.Jabez , VP of network and server storage Infoblox holds over 50 percent of the DDI market share and serves more than 12,000 customers globally, including 70% of the Fortune 500 companies. Its BloxOne DDI and BloxOne Threat Defense solutions provide network visibility and protection for customers with a unified view. Infoblox provides the industry's most robust DDI solution and security services, which can be easily integrated with other vendors. By using a combination of Behaviors Analysis & Machine Learning along with traditional Reputation and Signature protection it protects exfiltrated data constellations and continues to defend and protect against new attacks using DNS. "As the modern enterprise transforms their workplace into the cloud, organizations in India rely on Infoblox to scale, simplify and secure their increasingly distributed and complex networks," said Rajeev Sreedhar, Managing Director, India & SAARC at Infoblox. "With this partnership, our customers can expect to see the winning combination of Redington's extensive security experience and value-added distribution strength with our cloud-first DNS management and security solutions." Infoblox collaboration helps Redington to better their network security portfolio and it would strengthen our customer and partner's business. About Redington (India) Ltd Redington India provides end-to-end supply chain solutions for all categories of Information Technology, Telecom, Lifestyle, Healthcare, and Solar products. It has footprints across 37 markets through 60 subsidiary offices. With over 290+ brands associations and 39,500+ channel partners, it is transforming the distribution and supply chain ecosystem through synergy between innovation and technology adoption. About Infoblox Infoblox delivers the next-level network experience with its Secure Cloud-Managed Network Services. As the pioneer in providing the world's most reliable, secure, and automated networks, we are relentless in our pursuit of next level network simplicity. A recognized industry leader, Infoblox has more than 12,000 customers, including more than 70% of the Fortune 500.

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The Data Center Facilities project has been successfully reincubated and has gained momentum in its development and launch of the OCP Ready Program and the Modular Data Center Subproject. Moving the Project forward to maximize our contribution to the community requires a defined structure and organization around the projects focus areas. A revised Charter with the new structure and vision for the project will be presented. Presented by Brevan Reyher.