Digital Realty Sells 10 Data Centers to Mapletree

Channelnomics | January 17, 2020

Deal will fetch $557 million as company looks to close $8.4 billion acquisition of Interxion Digital Realty, which has been an aggressive buyer in the global data center and colocation market, has sold 10 data centers in North America to Mapletree, a real estate development and investment firm based in Singapore. The Lowdown:  The $557 million deal comes as Digital Realty works to close its planned $8.4 billion acquisition of Interxion, which owns more than 50 colocation data centers in 13 cities in Europe, which serve more than 2,000 customers. The Interxion deal was announced in October.


Modern-day industrial and critical infrastructure organizations rely heavily on the operational technology (OT) environment to produce their goods and services. Beyond traditional IT operations that utilize servers, routers, PCs and switches, these organizations also rely on OT, such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), dis

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Airbyte Integrates with dbt Cloud to Bring Together Leading Data Integration and Transformation Technologies

Airbyte | December 07, 2022

Airbyte, creators of the fastest-growing open-source data integration platform, today announced a deeper partnership with dbt Labs, the pioneer in analytics engineering. The partnership now includes a new integration that allows dbt Cloud customers to trigger dbt jobs from directly within Airbyte Cloud. The integration brings together two of the leading open-source products in the data ecosystem, making it simpler than ever to move and transform data, while minimizing the risk of lock-in. Airbyte helps move data from a collection of sources, and dbt helps organize that data for analysis by, for example, consistently defining key business logic or standardizing data structures. “Our companies already share hundreds of users and now they will see the integration of our Cloud products, making it simple to use the two together,” said Michel Tricot, co-founder and CEO of Airbyte. “With partners like dbt Labs, we are building a more open modern data stack to better serve the data community.” “We’re thrilled to deepen this partnership with Airbyte, a company with whom we are aligned regarding the importance of open standards in the data ecosystem. This partnership and integration will help better serve our joint users, customers, and the data community as a whole.” Nikhil Kothari, director of technology partnerships at dbt Labs With its growing community of 10,000 data practitioners and 600 contributors, Airbyte is redefining the standard of moving and consolidating data from different sources to data warehouses, data lakes, or databases in a process referred to as extract, load, and, when desired, transform (ELT). Over the past year and a half, more than 25,000 companies have used Airbyte to sync data from sources such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Facebook Ads, Salesforce, Stripe, and connect to destinations that include Redshift, Snowflake, Databricks, and BigQuery. Airbyte’s open-source data integration solves two problems. First, companies always have to build and maintain data connectors on their own because most less popular “long tail'' data connectors are not supported by closed-source ELT technologies. Second, data teams often have to do custom work around pre-built connectors to make them work within their unique data infrastructure. dbt Cloud enables data teams to develop faster and collaborate more effectively to build and deploy production-grade data pipelines with version control and CI/CD, pre-production testing and documentation of models, modular SQL modeling, and dependency management built in. dbt Cloud provides a centralized development experience to safely deploy, monitor, and investigate transformation code with a web-based user interface. About Airbyte Airbyte is the open-source data integration leader running in the safety of your cloud and syncing data from applications, APIs, and databases to data warehouses, lakes, and other destinations. Airbyte was co-founded by Michel Tricot (former director of engineering and head of integrations at Liveramp and RideOS) and John Lafleur (serial entrepreneur of dev tools and B2B). The company is headquartered in San Francisco with a distributed team around the world.

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Fivetran and Oldcastle Infrastructure Win Ventana Research’s 2022 Digital Leadership Award

Fivetran | November 02, 2022

Fivetran, the global leader in modern data integration, has won Ventana Research’s 2022 Digital Leadership Award in the category of data for driving business transformation with Oldcastle Infrastructure, the leading building materials business in the world. This award recognizes the organization and technology that best exemplifies leadership in big data and related technologies for supporting data and information management-related needs. Oldcastle Infrastructure, a CRH company, is an industry leader in engineered building solutions offering more than 16,000 pipe, precast, stormwater, enclosure and building accessory products. To utilize data more effectively and generate comprehensive business insights, Oldcastle selected Fivetran as its data integration partner. ROI for the system in the last 12 months is estimated to be multiple millions of dollars in terms of cost savings, increased margins, and improved sales. “Oldcastle is thrilled to be recognized by Ventana for our work with Fivetran,” said Nick Heigerick, Head of Advanced Analytics at Oldcastle Infrastructure. “The use of Fivetran changed the way Oldcastle Infrastructure thinks about data – it’s an asset, not just a by-product of a process. By delivering cross-company metrics across the entire organization, we have been able to realize multimillion-dollar ROI year over year. We could not be happier with our partnership with Fivetran and the results, and are honored to be recognized for our efforts.” The Ventana Research Digital Leadership awards spotlight the individuals and organizations that have utilized and championed modernization and transformation across their people, processes, information, and technology to grow their business and industry market potential. As part of the grading process and methodology, the Ventana awards team examined case studies and submissions to evaluate the organization's use of people, processes, information, and technology to the impact and performance that resulted from the use of technology. The examination of best practices and methods used, the degree of team involvement, and the project's business impact and value. This year’s nominations crossed many industries and different-sized organizations. “Congratulations to Nick Heigerick and Oldcastle Infrastructure using Fivetran for receiving the 15th annual Ventana Research Digital Leadership Award in data,” said Matt Aslett, VP & Research Director at Ventana Research. “Turning data into business insight is a key element of any digital transformation initiative, helping to deliver efficiency improvements and competitive differentiation. Oldcastle’s use of Fivetran illustrates that investment in new data and analytics technology can have a profound impact on overall business strategy, overcoming entrenched organizational and cultural inefficiencies to deliver time and cost savings, as well as improved margins and sales.” About Fivetran Fivetran is the global leader in modern data integration. Our mission is to make access to data as simple and reliable as electricity. Built for the cloud, Fivetran enables data teams to effortlessly centralize and transform data from hundreds of SaaS and on-prem data sources into high-performance cloud destinations. Fast-moving startups to the world’s largest companies use Fivetran to accelerate modern analytics and operational efficiency, fueling data-driven business growth. Fivetran is headquartered in Oakland, California, with offices around the world. About Ventana Research Ventana Research provides insight and expert guidance on mainstream and disruptive technologies through a unique set of research-based offerings including benchmark research and technology evaluation assessments, education workshops, and our research and advisory services, Ventana On-Demand. Our unparalleled understanding of the role of technology in optimizing business processes and performance and our best practices guidance are rooted in our rigorous research-based benchmarking of people, processes, information, and technology across business and IT functions in every industry. This benchmark research, plus our market coverage and in-depth knowledge of hundreds of technology providers, means we can deliver education and expertise to our clients and increase the value they derive from technology investments while reducing time, cost, and risk.

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Inspur Information Propels Data Center Sustainability with Open Compute Technology Innovation and Industry Collaboration at 2022 OCP Global Summit

Inspur Information | October 20, 2022

Inspur Information, a leading IT infrastructure solutions provider, announced today it is showcasing four recently Open Compute Project (OCP) certified systems at the 2022 OCP Global Summit being held October 18-20, 2022 in San Jose, CA. The OCP Inspired™ products include three General-Purpose (GP) Enterprise servers, namely the Inspur NF5180M6, NF5280A6, and NF5280R6, and one high-density cloud-optimized system called Inspur NF8260M6. Inspur continues to promote the data center sustainability, accelerating the adoption of open computing from computing to storage. NF5180M6 is powered by 3rd generation Intel® Xeon®, a mainstream 1U 2-socket platform providing performance, flexibility and reliability for not only cloud Tier 1 service providers but also enterprise customers. NF5280A6 is a high-end dual-socket server that uses the 3rd Gen AMD® EPYC™ Processors, fulfilling a variety of complicated workloads such as data analysis and processing, cloud, and high-performance computing. NF5280R6 is a high-end dual-socket server featuring the Ampere® Altra® and Ampere® Altra® Max processors, addressing multiple workloads such as cloud container deployment, Android cloud games, and big data. Contributing GP-Enterprise servers across all three different platforms will help accelerate adoption of the open compute technologies by our customers. Open compute is breaking boundaries in data center innovation and enabling the convergence of more technologies with its unique technical edge, subtle design thinking, and ecosystem collaboration. Global collaboration and co-innovation revolving around open compute will drive further data center advancement while addressing worldwide issues such as carbon emissions. With the growing concern over data center sustainability, such as utilizing renewable energy, recycling, thermal reuse, and the use of liquid-cooling technologies to reduce water consumption, creating a greener carbon footprint is one of OCP's and Inspur’s top priorities. Inspur Information is taking an active part in green technology. Inspur Information has put forward the company-level strategy of "All in Liquid Cooling" and releases its full-stack liquid-cooled products, with cold plate liquid-cooling technology being available in all of its products including general-purpose servers, high-density servers, rack servers, and AI servers. In addition, Inspur Information builds the largest liquid-cooled data center production and R&D base in Asia to march towards being carbon neutral. “Soaring temperatures and energy prices are leading data centers to adopt liquid cooling technology to cut carbon emissions, reduce electricity usage and improve efficiencies. “Inspur’s open development and green technology innovations demonstrate our commitment to enabling data center sustainability.” Alan Chang, Vice President of Technical Operations for Inspur Information During the 2022 OCP Global Summit, Inspur Information is also announcing and demonstrating partnerships and collaborations with key industry leaders. The collaboration between Ampere and Inspur is driving the transition to Cloud Native with optimized designs that deliver leadership performance, scalability, and power-efficiency. We will showcase the Inspur NF5280R6 platform based on Ampere® Altra® and Ampere® Altra® Max processors at the OCP Summit. This platform is now broadly available and is in volume production at multiple customers. Inspur is a lead engineering partner for Ampere’s next-generation customer-reference platform, Mt. Mitchell. Ampere has contributed the Mt. Mitchell motherboard specification to OCP to accelerate the ecosystem adoption of Cloud Native Processors and platform hardware. In collaboration with Habana, an Intel company, Inspur is developing AI servers based on open computing specifications that can integrate Habana® Gaudi2 deep learning processors. The Gaudi2 HL-225H mezzanine card is utilized in Inspur’s next-gen OAM platform to accelerate AI development on open architecture and supports a variety of AI computer vision and natural language processing workloads. Since the announcement of Poseidon V2 E3.x reference system in last year’s 2021 San Jose OCP Global Summit, the joint team has made great progress and in this year’s Summit you will witness a demo of this system that is close to PVT production ready and with the most up to date Gen5 NVMe performance under stress. Poseidon V2 E3.x is a joint open storage solution which adopted composable architecture to maximize the benefits of EDSFF E3.x form factor, accommodating not only the PCIe Gen5 SSDs but also various devices like AI/ML accelerators or CXL Memory Expanders. Data center users can configure the system according to applications needs. Inspur Information actively participates in the establishment of AI, edge and other standards specification. Examples are participating in the improvement of the DC-SCM2.0 specifications for the OCP Hardware Management Module project, and taking leadership role in OAM UBB specifications, Scorpion standards, edge OITT specifications, etc. Additionally, Inspur Information promotes the productization of technological standards and has contributed, among the first vendors, a number of products to the community, such as OAI AI system, OTII edge server, and a rack scale system meeting three major open organization standards (OCP, ODCC, Open19). Open compute has been accelerating to expand from the Internet to other industries, such as telecommunications, finance, gaming, healthcare, auto manufacturing, etc. Omdia predicts that the market share of non-Internet industries in open compute will grow from 10.5% in 2020 to 21.9% in 2025. About Inspur Information Inspur Information is a leading provider of data center infrastructure, cloud computing, and AI solutions. It is the world’s 2nd largest server manufacturer. Through engineering and innovation, Inspur Information delivers cutting-edge computing hardware design and extensive product offerings to address important technology sectors such as open computing, cloud data center, AI, and deep learning. Performance-optimized and purpose-built, our world-class solutions empower customers to tackle specific workloads and real-world challenges.

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Pivotal Commware Lights Up mmWave Fixed Wireless Coverage in Houston

Pivotal Commware, Inc. | December 05, 2022

Pivotal Commware, global leader in 5G mmWave infrastructure products for the wireless edge, announces that Pivotal Turnkey is expanding 5G mmWave coverage for a Tier 1 mobile network operator (MNO) in Houston. Pivotal Turnkey provides an end-to-end solution using Pivotal’s mmWave product ecosystem. Turnkey delivers potential fixed wireless access (FWA) subscribers to MNOs at lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – 25% to 35% the cost of fiber – and lower time-to-revenue. WaveScape® network planning optimizes the placement of network elements -- Pivot 5G® and Echo 5G® -- for a given coverage objective. Pivots navigate mmWave signals around obstacles. Echos penetrate them indoors through window glass to deliver gigabit broadband speed. Intelligent Beam Management System (IBMS) manages and optimizes the repeater network layer. “With Pivotal Turnkey, we can go into any city where an MNO has deployed mmWave 5G coverage for mobility services and use their pre-existing network elements, alongside ours, to light up new FWA services in a few months,” said Brian Deutsch, CEO of Pivotal Commware. “By providing the lowest total cost of ownership for the operator and accelerating their time-to-revenue, we go from FWA-zero to hero in just a few months.” We have worked in the trenches alongside our MNO partners for the past four years, and through the experience believe that no one understands mmWave’s unique challenges like Pivotal does. Only Pivotal’s ecosystem of products and services can offer a solution that begins with proprietary modeling and ends with network launch. With Turnkey, our MNOs get five companies under one roof.” Jay Maciejewski, General Manager of Pivotal Turnkey Services. 5G FWA has been a runaway success for MNOs competing for their share of the $100 billion U.S. broadband market. As data demand continues to climb at a 40 percent compound annual growth rate, keeping subscribers happy will require the higher capacity found at mmWave frequencies, freeing up costly and scarce sub-6 GHz frequencies for mobile users. Deutsch added, “At 500 GB/month, FWA subscribers consume 40X the data of mobile subscribers. Getting them onto the vast available spectrum at mmWave, at gigabit speeds, is a priority.” About Pivotal Commware, Inc. Pivotal Commware develops communications platforms, systems and applications based on Holographic Beam Forming®. HBF antenna technology enables network operators to increase network speed, capacity, and spectral efficiency using the lowest cost, size, weight, and power consumption (C-SWaP) envelope available. Pivotal’s unique mmWave product ecosystem includes Echo 5G indoor subscriber and Pivot 5G outdoor network repeaters, and cloud based WaveScape™ network planning software and Intelligent Beam Management System (IBMS). The company is privately held and headquartered in Kirkland, Washington.

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Modern-day industrial and critical infrastructure organizations rely heavily on the operational technology (OT) environment to produce their goods and services. Beyond traditional IT operations that utilize servers, routers, PCs and switches, these organizations also rely on OT, such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), dis