Physical and Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure

September 15, 2020 | USA

The national and economic security of the United States depends on the reliable functioning of critical infrastructure. This course encourages collaboration efforts among individuals and organizations responsible for both physical and cybersecurity toward development of integrated risk management strategies that lead to enhanced capabilities necessary for the protection of our Nation’s critical infrastructure.


You can use the Genero Ghost Client to test business logic and evaluate infrastructure requirements for your applications before you release them.



September 27-29, 2022 | UK

Hear from the experts on how this asset class is standing up against rising interest rates, inflation and supply chain issues from a global perspective. Gain a deeper understanding of how COP26 will reshape the investment landscape, hear the latest thinking on energy transitioning, the perennial issue of measuring and reporting in ESG & sustainability and more.

Critical Infrastructure Summit

November 17-18, 2022 | USA

We are excited to announce the launch of the ISMG Critical Infrastructure Summit, which will be taking place November 1st, marking the start of Infrastructure Security Month in November. Critical Infrastructure is where security hits home- we are so dependent on our infrastructure for so many facets of our daily lives. Critical functions of our societal dependencies such as water, power, transportation and financial services all are a part of critical infrastructure, and last year we saw first-hand through the Colonial Pipeline incident the strength of this dependency. Originally, operational technology and informational technology were separate, however, progressively there has been a greater interconnection between the two as the internet has evolved over time.

Rural Wireless Infrastructure Summit

June 27-29, 2022 | USA

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act earmarks $42.4B for a state broadband infrastructure grant program for fiber and wireless deployment. Network operators are working to ensure that they build smart and secure communications networks in both their brownfield and greenfield deployments.

Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference

November 21-22, 2022 | UK

Businesses around the globe are challenged to bring value and innovation wherever their customers are. Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders have a critical role to play in transforming and enhancing their capabilities to empower the anywhere business. I&O leaders will need to focus on enhancing customer experiences and developing staff and skills, while building and operating resilient, sustainable, secure and scalable platforms and systems.