Critical Infrastructure Summit

November 17-18, 2022 | USA

Critical Infrastructure Summit
We are excited to announce the launch of the ISMG Critical Infrastructure Summit, which will be taking place November 1st, marking the start of Infrastructure Security Month in November. Critical Infrastructure is where security hits home- we are so dependent on our infrastructure for so many facets of our daily lives. Critical functions of our societal dependencies such as water, power, transportation and financial services all are a part of critical infrastructure, and last year we saw first-hand through the Colonial Pipeline incident the strength of this dependency. Originally, operational technology and informational technology were separate, however, progressively there has been a greater interconnection between the two as the internet has evolved over time.


Estonian IT solutions have been at the forefront worldwide for many years and its IT infrastructure has now been officially acknowledged as one of the best as Greenergy Data Centers received the EN 50600 certificate.



October 18-20, 2022 | Netherlands

5G World event is where conversations that shape the industry take place. Bringing the ecosystem together to share insights, join discussions and network with leaders from across the industry. Premium content now available on-demand on our virtual platform!

Future of Infrastructure: The digital future is built on Cloud

November 15, 2022 | Finland

The future of digital infrastructure is cloud in all its forms: private, hybrid and multicloud including edge. To use cloud successfully, organizations need to align their digital infrastructure with their business strategy and master 7 aspects of cloud:

2022 Data Center International Cooperation Conference

December 27, 2022 | China

The 2022 Data Center International Cooperation Conference on December 28th, 2022 is part of the China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony which will be held between December 26th-28th, 2022, and it is set for gathering the international industry enterprises including telecom operators, data center service providers, and representatives of the Chinese companies “going overseas” to participate and share their practical experience in international cooperation, discuss the hot topics related to the industry together and interpreting the industry and market development in a global scale with the latest released reports.

Advancing Data Center Construction 2022

November 29-December 1, 2022 | USA

At Advancing Data Center Construction 2022, you will have the opportunity to dive into the successes, challenges and learnings of projects completed to date. Join hundreds of pioneering leaders from the most innovative technology firms, colocators, enterprise clients, designers, contractors and modular firms as we go beyond theory and explore practical applications and tangible insights to optimize your next projects.