Zero-Trust Architecture for Cloud-Native Apps on Hybrid Infrastructure

Zero-Trust Architecture for Cloud-Native Apps
Zero-trust architecture is now a requirement across the U.S. government and its appeal to organizations of all types is growing. What does this mean for application development and delivery? Service mesh is the federally recommended reference architecture for zero-trust. It is also a leading solution for applications running on hybrid architecture.
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“Managing Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure Using DMTF Standards”


In case you missed it, the free webinar, “Managing Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure Using DMTF Standards” is now available on-demand in the DMTF Learning Center. Presented by DMTF Vice President of Technology Hemal Shah, the webinar covers the applicability of existing and upcoming DMTF technologies and standards to Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure management.
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Reliability Through Automation for Your Infrastructure and Applications at Scale

This free 45 minute webinar from GigaOm Research brings together experts in Incident Response and DevOps, featuring GigaOm analyst Michael Levan and a special guest from xMatters, Paul Porter, VP of Sales Engineering. The discussion will focus on the results of the xMatters incident response benchmarking.
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Shifting Left on Infrastructure Security and Compliance


We hear a lot about “Shifting Left” on security and compliance in order to find and fix policy violations and security vulnerabilities early in the software development lifecycle. When security and compliance comes later, making changes become more expensive and slows things down. However, nearly all of the focus with shifting left is on the application and OS, with scant attention paid to infrastructure security and compliance.
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Moving WebLogic to Oracle CIoud – Virtual Hands-On Lab

Come join us for the second in a series of virtual workshop hands on labs on Moving Custom Applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. In this virtual lab, an Instructor will be walking you through the steps of creating your OCI tenancy and environment, deploying WebLogic Server from the OCI Marketplace, creating your DB instance, and then loading your data and deploying a Java app on the WLS instance. By the end of the lab, attendees will have a working DB, WebLogic environment, and knowledge on how the new automation and tooling will help organizations improve and modernize their application environments.
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