Top 10 Tips for Scaling Your IT Infrastructure On-Demand Webinar

In this on-demand webinar, the Vice President of IT at LogMeIn will cover the top 10 tips for scaling your IT infrastructure to meet the growing and changing needs of your organization. Walk away with clear guidance around the best practices for your IT team to implement so that your company is secure, compliant and ahead of ev
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Minimize risk in your VDI implementations with Pivot3’s policy-based HCI

Login VSI

VDI simplifies desktop management, but it also introduces new risks. Many different components make it complex to manage and its single point of failure forms an obvious threat. In this webinar we will be discussing how enterprises can minimize risk in their VDI implementations with an intelligent hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) foundation. As part of the ‘Validated By’ program, we will dive into the latest test results of the Pivot3 Datacenter Series HCI platform in conjunction with Citrix Virtual Desktops 1808 and Microsoft Windows 10. This VDI deployment uses the Login VSI load-testing solution to generate desktop workloads and determine the maximum desktop density supported on the tested configuration.
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From Legacy to Fully Containerized Applications in the Cloud

Moving to the cloud is not just lift and shift VM's, in order for your application to be cloud-ready, you will need to break down your monolith application to microservices. this will allow you to develop fast, scale your application in seconds, and be more reliable. But this comes with a lot of challenges, such as, how to run a stateful application in containers, deployment process, scalability, and maintenance.
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Cloud Infrastructure: The Key to Payments Modernization

In the modern world, a breadth of alternative payment options and instruments are entering the market at an accelerated pace. These options put consumers in the driver’s seat when it comes to making payments, continuously raising the expectations they have of financial institutions and issuers.
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Help Your Technicians Tackle Any Asset, Anytime, Anywhere

Your technicians are your front line during this challenging time, inspecting, diagnosing and repairing assets in real time to keep operations up and running non-stop. But assets are becoming more complex, and skilled resources are limited. How do you provide decades of skills and knowledge on-demand for your factory and field
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