Top 10 Tips for Scaling Your IT Infrastructure On-Demand Webinar

In this on-demand webinar, the Vice President of IT at LogMeIn will cover the top 10 tips for scaling your IT infrastructure to meet the growing and changing needs of your organization. Walk away with clear guidance around the best practices for your IT team to implement so that your company is secure, compliant and ahead of ev
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Reducing the Risk to Critical Infrastructure Before It’s Too Late

It’s been a year since the high-profile ransomware attacks on JBS Foods and Colonial Pipeline, causing enormous disruption to these organizations and the general public. Since then, the frightening reality is that the threat to critical infrastructure operators has increased rather than dissipated.
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Enabling Elections Infrastructure Security with Splunk


Multiple U.S. intelligence agency assessments have concluded that a foreign nation state sought to interfere with the 2016 U.S. presidential election. In response, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission released non-competitive grant funding to help states and U.S. territories raise the cybersecurity of their Election Critical Infrastructure. Gaining visibility into the security posture of Election Infrastructure is often difficult, even for smaller municipalities. States and municipalities need a prescriptive solution that will help them ramp up security visibility quickly.
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Building Microservices on AWS using Serverless Framework


Srini Karlekar, Director of Software Engineering – Enterprise Architecture at Capital One, demonstrated building event-driven microservices built on top of AWS Lambda, Twilio, Amazon Rekognition and IMDbPy API using the Serverless framework. The service took images of celebrities sent by SMS/MMS, match them and send their name and biography back via SMS. By following this on-demand session you will learn how to use Twilio to process SMS/MMS messages, use Boto3 Python library to interface with AWS Rekognition and build services using the Serverless framework. The webinar started with the demonstration of the application and dive into building the application.
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Build a Strong Data and Analytics Foundation With Cloud

The cloud is the new data & analytics platform. Cloud offers a diversity of choice, but that amounts to increased complexity. Data & analytics leaders must address various gaps while pursuing their D&A cloud modernization journey. However, to minimize cloud complexities, data and analytics leaders must update early data engineering practices to lay the right foundation for how data & analytics applications are built, managed and operated in the cloud. They must establish a strong cloud data management strategy and approach that can minimize human effort, delays and operational costs. Join this complementary data & analytics webinar to explore the state of the data & analytics platforms, and the transition to cloud and its implications.
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