Take Control of Your Airflow with Retrofitted Containment

Chatsworth Products, Inc.

Data Center Administrators are being tasked with delivering more compute, while retaining optimal efficiency levels. Additionally, there are energy efficiency targets that must be met to address current environmental laws. To address these challenges, containment strategies are needed to provide thermal management, improve data center operational efficiency and reclaim lost power. It’s critical to ensure that airflow is well controlled and that hot/cold aisle containment is in place to improve airflow and cooling efficiency.
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Simplify your IT infrastructure and accelerate time to value by integrating server, storage, and virtualization in a centrally managed appliance. Discover the new lineup of Lenovo HX Series Converged appliances that break down your IT barriers .


2019 Cyber Security Forecast


Our experienced technical experts believe there are eight critically important cyber security trends that every enterprise should be aware of in 2019. Join us for this webinar where Group Technical Director, Richard Ford delves into the critical trends your business should be prepared for, as highlighted in our 2019 Cyber Security Forecast.
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Enabling IoT Services with Nokia WING

Beecham Research Ltd

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the technological revolution of our time. Over the coming years, a vast plethora of devices can be expected to become ‘connected’ in some way. The result will be a complete transformation in the way that businesses are managed, how companies engage with customers, and the introduction of many new business models. This webinar focuses on the role for carriers in IoT, including how Nokia WING can enable carriers to successfully capture IoT opportunities and also how end-users can best leverage carrier capabilities.
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The State of Infrastructure, Architecture & Operations to Support Cloud-Native Applications


When it comes to modern infrastructure adoption, which organizations are ahead of the curve? How do they successfully support their infrastructure to build and operationalize cloud-native applications? What do their architectures and operations look like? And how do they maintain total visibility by using a large, complex open source stack? Join two long-time networking industry pros on June 18 to understand “The State of Infrastructure, Architecture & Operations to Support Cloud-Native Applications.” Co-founder and CEO of Kentik Avi Freedman, founder of Philly’s first ISP and former Chief Network Scientist at Akamai, will present alongside Kentik CTO Jonah Kowall, former Gartner Research VP and AppDynamics VP.
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On-demand webinar: Simplifying WIN10 Migration and Accelerating Deployment

With support for Windows 7 coming to an end, it’s time to simplify and accelerate your migration to Windows 10. Attend this webinar and learn how you can overcome some of the biggest Windows 10 migration headaches including application incompatibilities, more frequent O.S. updates, and management of different device types capabl
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