Securing Utilities Infrastructure with OT Network Visibility & Vulnerability Management

Securing Utilities Infrastructure with OT Network
The recent attacks on Oldsmar, Florida water facility as well as other cyber attacks targeting critical infrastructure has shed a new light on how simple it is for even novice attackers to penetrate OT networks. The attacks on OT networks in critical infrastructure come at a price that is far higher than financial losses and may result in loss of life.
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Securing Infrastructure-as-Code From Tampering and Misconfigurations

Moving applications and development to the cloud has delivered operational benefits at scale. Faster release cycles and microservices architectures drive complexity and a need for speed that can only be solved by automation via infrastructure-as-code (IaC). However, deploying new tools creates new attack surfaces, and IaC is no different.
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At Splunk, we believe infrastructure monitoring should be seamless, inexpensive, and easy to administer and use. Splunk Insights for Infrastructure is our new infrastructure monitoring product that bridges monitoring and troubleshooting by collecting and analyzing both metrics and logs. Even better, Splunk Insights for Infrastructure deploys in minutes, is free for up to about 50 servers, and offers an easy path to upgrade to Splunk Enterprise, the industry’s leading platform for machine data.
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Why Hyperconverged Infrastructure is the Future


How do companies today manage to make the infrastructure modern, ie agile, in order to be able to implement business requirements faster? How can this be achieved without increasing the costs? At the same time, how can you meet users' security guidelines and user requirements for fast deployment of services while retaining complete control at all times? In our exclusive webinar for IT managers and administrators, we'll explain why there's one simple answer to these complex questions: Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI).
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Cybersecurity and Resilience: Strengthening Critical Infrastructure

Cybersecurity is increasingly important when it comes to critical infrastructure such as power plants, electricity grids, communication networks, and cloud systems. Potential vulnerabilities pose substantial risks to the effectiveness and efficiency of such critical infrastructure, and directly impact the functioning of states, economies, and societies.
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