Prepare Your 5G NR Spectrum for Deployment

The roll out of 5G NR will initiate a worldwide deployment in an unknown radio environment where unwanted transmitters can degrade end user QoE and in some cases cause outages of critical services. Prior to deployment, operators need to ensure the radio environment is free from interference by conducting spectral clearance and interference hunting. This webinar defines the particular challenges of 5G NR, highlights a robust approach to prepare the spectrum and shares real field data at 3.5GHz and 28GHz.
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Secure multi-cluster and multi-tenant cloud native applications with Mirantis and Tetrate.

Container and Kubernetes adoption at enterprises have skyrocketed as part of the emergence of cloud-native technologies. Typically, enterprises will have multiple Kubernetes clusters to avoid service outages and to manage security issues and other concerns. As the number of microservices and mesh deployments grows, we need a tool to manage traffic between services efficiently.
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Making Application Mobility for Test/Dev Across VMware Infrastructure and Public Clouds a Reality


Enterprise organizations that are in the process of transforming their private VMware clouds into hybrid clouds are often presented with scenarios for making on-premises virtual machines, applications, and data readily usable in public clouds. Traditionally, achieving such tasks is not easy due to the migration and conversion of virtual machines and how it may impact application and data stored within them.
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Driving Better Cybersecurity for Industrial Networks and Critical Infrastructure


The rapidly changing threat landscape in Industrial Control System/Critical Infrastructure network security, The reasons why deploying a real-time, continuous threat monitoring, detection and response platform is the most effective step you can take to enhancing security, A look under the covers at the logic and evaluation criteria Schneider used to arrive at its decision to work with Claroty
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Building the Future - Infrastructure as Code Using Terraform


Building infrastructure with automation tools has become the new normal for both on-prem and cloud environments, and HashiCorp’s Terraform makes resource creation easy, repeatable, flexible, and safe. This webinar will help you take your infrastructure to the next level by covering everything from introductory basics to more complex templating, including: What Terraform is. How it works. What problems it solves. We will also discuss and demonstrate a few of the different providers for Terraform such as Rubrik, VMware, AWS, and Azure.
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