Performance Assurance for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization with eG Innovations

Join this webinar to learn how you can build performance assurance into your Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization infrastructure from the start to ensure exceptional performance and user experience, and dramatically simplify and accelerate troubleshooting.
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Build a Strong Data and Analytics Foundation With Cloud

The cloud is the new data & analytics platform. Cloud offers a diversity of choice, but that amounts to increased complexity. Data & analytics leaders must address various gaps while pursuing their D&A cloud modernization journey. However, to minimize cloud complexities, data and analytics leaders must update early data engineering practices to lay the right foundation for how data & analytics applications are built, managed and operated in the cloud. They must establish a strong cloud data management strategy and approach that can minimize human effort, delays and operational costs. Join this complementary data & analytics webinar to explore the state of the data & analytics platforms, and the transition to cloud and its implications.
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Top 20 Cyber Attacks Against Critical Infrastructure and ICS

Critical industrial infrastructure such as energy, water treatment, and transportation are increasingly using IT systems and industrial cloud services to create digital twins and increase productivity. However, sending data from critical networks is very different to sending data from IT, IoT, or other business assets. In many cases the risk to safe and continuous industrial operations outweigh the benefits of the cloud service, and thus trigger objections at all levels. Worse, a cloud-based supply chain attack could cripple hundreds of critical infrastructure sites at once. In a recent cyber-attack, an Iranian steel mill went up in flames.
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Why an Edge Computing Platform Future Proofs IT Infrastructure

Hyperconvergence is now common in every data center. However, with the explosion of applications that need to operate independent of the cloud, edge computing is the compute platform transforming how data is being handled, processed, and delivered from millions of devices worldwide. Now is the time to rethink our approach to HCI and the advantages it brings to edge computing.
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How SaaS Infrastructure Improves Customer Experience

Pure Storage

Every SaaS company understands that happy customers are the bottom line. Customer experience is therefore a top priority and by far one of the biggest brand differentiators. The business model of SaaS providers depends on the successful and innovative use of information technology. If there are any issues with customer experience or any gaps in performance, it all comes down to their IT infrastructure. Watch this webcast to learn: SaaS industry trends & fundamental digital transformation drivers.
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