Overcoming Cyberthreats to Critical Infrastructure with Integrated IT/OT Cybersecurity

Many organizations reliant on critical infrastructure networks are striving to reduce risk with cybersecurity strategies that bridge both IT and OT asset domains. However, achieving comprehensive IT/OT cybersecurity is often a more challenging task in practice than it is conceptually. Security professionals interested in effectively executing an integrated IT/OT cybersecurity strategy should join this webinar to learn how they can achieve end-to-end visibility into the full spectrum of both IT and OT network devices, as well as unified business risk management for today’s continuously evolving cyberthreat landscape.
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Building a High-Value Robust Scalable Cloud-Based Analytics Platform that Includes Alternative and Traditional Data


In this episode of the Caserta Data Intelligence Webinar series, we explore how to build a robust, flexible, scalable analytics platform that includes alternative and traditional data sources for Hedge Funds, Private Equity firms, Venture Capital firms and Investment Banks.
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Automate Infrastructure, Adopt Infra as a Code

Joint webinar hosted by NSEIT and Terraform focuses on how in the " Cloud Age of IT", organizations are realizing bottlenecks of traditional ways to manage their data centres, and imminent need to adopt infrastructure automation. With this webinar you can find answers to some of the pressing issues related to IT infrastructure which can either crop up due to human errors, or delays or due to cost escalations, and how Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is addressing these challenges through codification and proving out to be a cost effective solution.
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Deliver a Rock-Solid Messaging and Streaming Service For Your Developers

Historically, reliably connecting all of the disparate sources of information across an organization was hard. You had to deploy, configure, and scale the middleware. There were queue policies to set and synchronization modes to understand. You also had to handle the transient nature of a message queue, ensuring the data reached
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Cloud, Kubernetes, and Making Infrastructure Transformation Work for You

Cloud transformation has been happening for more than a decade, and today it’s running in overdrive. However, the goal posts for what’s cutting-edge continue to move, and the list of environments that fall under the “cloud” umbrella continues to expand. Anyone transforming their infrastructure today is staring down a combination
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