On-Demand Webinar: Thinking like a Cyber Criminal: Strategies to Keep your Company Secure:

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll discuss cybercriminals’ organization, motivation, and methods of attack as well as provide a blueprint for combatting these attacks. Walk away from this presentation with insight into how cybercriminals will attempt to attack your organization as well as clear steps to mitigate the risk of cyber-
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Build a predictable and secure network infrastructure with Aruba EdgeConnect to enable amazing retail digital experiences from edge to cloud.


Multi-Site Data Center Unification and Preparing for Edge Compute

Dell EMC

In spite of the clear success of the hyperscale public cloud providers, many organizations – due to cost, control, refactoring complexity and data sovereignty issues – are choosing to host many workloads with regional cloud service providers (CSP), in colocation/interconnection facilities or to simply keep workloads on-premise. These data center operators, whether xSP or enterprise, typically already manage multiple data centers today. With the growth of IoT and edge compute on the horizon, they need to prepare to deploy and manage 10’s if not 100’s of mini- and micro-data centers in the future. It is critical that data center operators review and analyze their networking approach to multi-site data center architecture now in order to streamline operations and costs today and to prepare for the IoT and edge compute tsunami of tomorrow.
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Moving Oracle WebLogic and Custom Apps to the Cloud

Workloads and applications of every kind are moving to the cloud. It’s almost become trendy. The big question is why move? Why disrupt a functioning ecosystem and introduce potential risk? The question is even more relevant when it comes to custom applications built on WebLogic. WebLogic has been enabling Java application solutions for years so contemplating a move to the cloud might seem like a low priority. There are compelling reasons for moving WebLogic and associated applications to the cloud. Attend this 60-minute webcast and learn:
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Power Your ETL Processing with Spark


As the center of gravity of data moves toward the Hadoop ecosystem, data integration professionals are looking for the best options to efficiently move and process big data loads. Spark offers powerful in-memory processing that Developers need for developing ETL applications on large data sets, but the benefits of the platform can be limited by hand-coding inefficiencies. Watch this on demand webinar on “Power Your ETL Processing with Spark” to learn how Hydrograph - the next-generation open source, GUI-based ETL tool - provides an easy-to-use option that:
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Webinar Build the way you want with Slack and Salesforce platforms

Learn more about the integration and automation capabilities of the Slack and Salesforce platforms, bringing people and systems together in one place This webinar is best for: Owners and admins Technology professionals Slack is a centralized engagement layer for all your tools and applications, and Salesforce clouds are powerful
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