On-Demand Webinar: Thinking like a Cyber Criminal: Strategies to Keep your Company Secure:

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll discuss cybercriminals’ organization, motivation, and methods of attack as well as provide a blueprint for combatting these attacks. Walk away from this presentation with insight into how cybercriminals will attempt to attack your organization as well as clear steps to mitigate the risk of cyber-
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Don’t lose unnecessary time coping with attacks, threats and theft. Lenovo ThinkShield powered by Intel® vPro™ Platform is a comprehensive security portfolio that brings you end-to-end protection. In your solutions guide, you’ll find out the benefits of ThinkShield, how to ensure your data stays secure, how to keep employees sta


Getting Ready for the 5G Data Explosion: Data Center Operations

Distribution of mobile core and edge computing capabilities for 5G is key for latency sensitive applications, but it comes at a cost. A distributed network will increase power demands and bring new power requirements at the core and the edge, so new power saving techniques will be necessary to support 5G functional foundations s
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How a healthy CMDB helps you deliver great service quality


When an outage occurs, the IT operations team is bombarded with thousands of events coming from their siloed monitoring systems and overwhelming their inbox. Sifting through these events to get to the critical few takes a significant amount of time; and if your business services are mapped manually, there is a high likelihood the IT resources supporting these services have changed. While your team is actively trying to identify the services impacted, the business itself is losing money and customer satisfaction.
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How to modernise your IT infrastructure? – Cloud Innovators Lunch Club

Use your lunch time to learn, connect & get inspired at digital knowledge sessions. Designed for IT & business leaders that want to build cultures of innovation with Cloud. Modernising your IT infrastructure with Cloud: where do you start? Which migration strategy should you choose to optimise your investment? How do you craft your Cloud foundation?
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Demystifying IT Storage Automation; Time to Take the Wheel

IT automation is gaining more awareness and top-of-mind traction among IT executives and teams as they seek to modernize their management operations that can help address their IT infrastructure complexities and rapidly improve delivery of IT resources. After all, by automating routine management tasks, IT administrators can gai
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