On-demand webinar: Simplifying WIN10 Migration and Accelerating Deployment

With support for Windows 7 coming to an end, it’s time to simplify and accelerate your migration to Windows 10. Attend this webinar and learn how you can overcome some of the biggest Windows 10 migration headaches including application incompatibilities, more frequent O.S. updates, and management of different device types capabl
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Consolidating IT Infrastructure in an M&A World


Learn from the International CIO of one of the top 10 ad agencies in the world how consolidating infrastructure has become key to streamlining costs, enhancing productivity, and increasing cash flow. With operations spanning 295 offices and 11,000 employees, TBWA’s IT staff faced increasing demands to bring storage and data protection costs under control without reducing flexibility or security. Join Adam Sharp, CIO International for TBWA, The Disruption® Company, and Adweek’s 2018 Global Agency of the Year.
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The Billion-Dollar Connection Between Data Center Uptime and Power Quality

Data centers have evolved to become the heartbeat of businesses, which means keeping them running efficiently is crucial. When they go down, we all go down with them.But did you know power quality issues are the number-one cause of outages? And the economic losses don't stop there. The Electric Power Research Institute estimates U.S. businesses lose between $119–$188 billion per year because of poor power quality.
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Cybersecurity and Resilience: Strengthening Critical Infrastructure

Cybersecurity is increasingly important when it comes to critical infrastructure such as power plants, electricity grids, communication networks, and cloud systems. Potential vulnerabilities pose substantial risks to the effectiveness and efficiency of such critical infrastructure, and directly impact the functioning of states, economies, and societies.
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Converged, Hyperconverged, Composable Infrastructure, Integrated Platforms EcoCast

Actualtech Media

The one thing that all businesses have in common is that they want and need IT solutions to make their lives easier, more efficient, and more affordable, particularly as digital transformation efforts take center stage. Converged, hyperconverged, composable, and other integrated platforms (collectively, integrated systems) all have the potential to accomplish these goals which can allow the IT organization to focus their efforts more on business outcomes rather than hardware.
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