On-demand webinar: Key considerations for SaaS security and performance

Companies are turning to Software as a Service (SaaS) to ease their cloud transformation and increase agility. According to a Bettercloud survey, 73% of all companies say that nearly all of their apps will be SaaS by 2020. SaaS offers speed to market, great functionality, and lower IT operating costs. However, it can also create
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Measuring IT infrastructure ROI for public or private clouds


Join this webinar to find out how to measure in the right way your cloud infrastructure costs and how to assess the ROI (return on investment) of your public cloud offering. Learn from leading experts how to build a reliable and efficient cloud infrastructure and how to optimize your cloud costs.
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Security Hardening for Containerized Deployments across Multi-Clouds

In this webinar, we will examine how to add robust cryptography to the containerized applications that process sensitive data. Our expert speakers will describe how certified cryptographic capabilities -including key generation, digital signing, and data encryption - can be built-in within containerized applications, using hardware security modules (HSMs) to enhance security and facilitate auditing and regulatory compliance.
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IT infrastructure management: Implications to bossiness continuity and growth


Infrastructure management has become more than just monitoring the different aspects of environment - application, servers and data centre infrastructures. The operational efficiency of a business depends heavily on the quality of the infrastructure performance. The different aspects of infrastructure come together to enable a business to reach out the market and cater to its users. Any glitch in the infrastructure can effectively cause the business to halt. This makes infrastructure management one of the core segments of a business making it crucial for business continuity and growth. In this webinar we’ll discuss about the state of infrastructure management across the world and how different strategies help in brining about a reliable business model.
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How Agile Data Governance can help accelerate migration to the Snowflake Data Cloud

Data governance is often defined by risk-averse executives implementing policies around control and access. While undoubtedly well-intended, strict governance policies can lead to data brawls and bread lines that slow or even stall critical data and analytics initiatives. Agile data governance is the data practice that facilities a more seamless, cohesive, collaborative interaction between data producers and data consumers. It ensures you get the governance and security capabilities required to know your data, complying with regulatory mandates, and collaborate confidently even when moving data to the cloud.
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