On-demand webinar: Key considerations for SaaS security and performance

Companies are turning to Software as a Service (SaaS) to ease their cloud transformation and increase agility. According to a Bettercloud survey, 73% of all companies say that nearly all of their apps will be SaaS by 2020. SaaS offers speed to market, great functionality, and lower IT operating costs. However, it can also create
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AI Meets Spectrum: RF Interference Demystified

Spectrum Effect

Mobile operators have invested hundreds of billions of dollars into spectrum licenses, RAN equipment and network optimizations. Despite these massive investments, operators today have minimal insight into the amount and effect of external and unintended internal RF interference within their networks. Join this must-attend webinar to benefit from key insights derived from the recently completed trials of our revolutionary machine learning spectrum analytics solution, Spectrum-NET, with ten leading operators across the globe.
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Webinar Build the way you want with Slack and Salesforce platforms

Learn more about the integration and automation capabilities of the Slack and Salesforce platforms, bringing people and systems together in one place This webinar is best for: Owners and admins Technology professionals Slack is a centralized engagement layer for all your tools and applications, and Salesforce clouds are powerful
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Leveraging Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure to Drive Sustainable Business Operations

Industrial companies around the world are struggling to gain greater control of their operations to optimize production, reduce expenditures and deploy a strategy to become more sustainable. They are seeing better asset management and the use of cloud infrastructure as the way to reduce their physical and digital carbon footprint.
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Performance Clinic: Network & infrastructure performance monitoring of your hybrid multi-cloud

Whilst wire data is still a good source of information for some on-premise applications, as companies move into the cloud packet data isn’t always an option. In this Performance Clinic, hear real-world examples of how Dynatrace provides network and infrastructure-centric capabilities to customers, including API data and log analytics, all backed by our AI engine Davis. And, get hands-on with exercises to help deploy Dynatrace in your own environment.
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