On-demand webinar: 5 Reasons why a people-centric security strategy safeguards sensitive information and facilitates compliance

Users often ignore internal security controls in order to get work done quickly. This puts the security of confidential information at risk. Tune in to this webinar to learn why a people-centric approach to security is the best way to protect your company’s sensitive data and IP, to achieve and maintain compliance, and to encour
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How to Secure IoT Devices with Root-of-Trust Authentication


Secure connectivity is becoming one of the most important challenges for IoT applications. This webinar will help you learn how innovative security measures—Intrinsic ID’s patented SRAM PUF technology coupled with Trusted Secure IP from Renesas—can help you quickly and easily create device and board-level authentication to safely secure a connected IoT system.
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Enabling Technologies for Smart Internet of Things


As the wireless industry moves toward 5G, mobile solution providers are gravitating toward distributed architectures, pushing computing tasks normally processed in a centralized location or the cloud to the edge of the information path. IoT Edge technology applies that same principle, relying on connected devices to move various functionalities closer to the points of the network where data is generated.
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Making Application Mobility for Test/Dev Across VMware Infrastructure and Public Clouds a Reality


Enterprise organizations that are in the process of transforming their private VMware clouds into hybrid clouds are often presented with scenarios for making on-premises virtual machines, applications, and data readily usable in public clouds. Traditionally, achieving such tasks is not easy due to the migration and conversion of virtual machines and how it may impact application and data stored within them.
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Essential Technologies for Digital Business

Market rivals and empowered customers are forcing enterprises to reconsider how they do business. ‘Digital transformation’ has emerged as a means to craft engaging customer experiences, automate business operations and fend off threats from rivals. It’s driving the need to rethink how enterprises engage and interact with custome
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