IoT = IT + OT: Solving the Enterprise IoT Equation

451 Research

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents an enormous opportunity for technology vendors. But selling IoT outcomes – in particular into industries that have deep industrial or operational technology (OT) roots – is a fundamental departure from the traditional IT sale. Vendors face a more complex solution sale that goes beyond the usual IT buyer and involves multiple stakeholders that sit at the crossroads of IT, OT and strategic business agendas. For the first time ever, 451 Research launched a Voice of the Enterprise (VoTE) IoT: OT Stakeholder Perspective survey in addition to the quarterly VotE IoT: survey of IT decision-makers. Together, these two surveys provide complementary insights and guidance into the IT and OT view of enterprise IoT deployments, budgets, spending, technology priorities, vendor choices and more.
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Today, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality will weigh whether or not the data centers get a waiver on air pollution.


Automate Infrastructure, Adopt Infra as a Code

Joint webinar hosted by NSEIT and Terraform focuses on how in the " Cloud Age of IT", organizations are realizing bottlenecks of traditional ways to manage their data centres, and imminent need to adopt infrastructure automation. With this webinar you can find answers to some of the pressing issues related to IT infrastructure which can either crop up due to human errors, or delays or due to cost escalations, and how Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is addressing these challenges through codification and proving out to be a cost effective solution.
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The State of Infrastructure, Architecture & Operations to Support Cloud-Native Applications


When it comes to modern infrastructure adoption, which organizations are ahead of the curve? How do they successfully support their infrastructure to build and operationalize cloud-native applications? What do their architectures and operations look like? And how do they maintain total visibility by using a large, complex open source stack? Join two long-time networking industry pros on June 18 to understand “The State of Infrastructure, Architecture & Operations to Support Cloud-Native Applications.” Co-founder and CEO of Kentik Avi Freedman, founder of Philly’s first ISP and former Chief Network Scientist at Akamai, will present alongside Kentik CTO Jonah Kowall, former Gartner Research VP and AppDynamics VP.
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Harnessing Streaming Data Integration to Become a Data Driven Enterprise

There is currently a surge in business investing in various types of analytics to solve their business challenges and achieve competitive advantage. The best analytic insight requires large amounts of data from multiple sources, which can then be feed through AI, ML, and analytics processes to garner new insights and make better decisions, as the amount of analytics storage highlighted in the chart below.
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IBM POWER9TM – IT Infrastructure built for the AI era

Analytics India Magazine

It is the right time to have an AI-Ready Compute Infrastructure to leverage AI high performance compute capability without disrupting your present Infrastructure investments. IBM recently announced POWER9 processor – built from the ground-up for data-intensive workloads. It is the only processor with state-of-the-art I/O subsystem technology, including next-generation NVIDIA NVLink, PCIe Gen4, and OpenCAPI.
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