Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: Maximizing TCO and ROI

This free 1-hour webinar from GigaOm Research brings together IT infrastructure experts, featuring GigaOm’s Enrico Signoretti and special guests from Scale Computing, Dave Demlow, and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s Senior Director of Technology & Infrastructure, Jody Harper. The presentation and discussion will focus on the benefits of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) from the point of view of end users (those that have already adopted it) and an analysis of different approaches to HCI. End users struggle to keep their infrastructure simple, flexible, and scalable while keeping costs at bay.a
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Nozomi Networks Labs 1st Half 2022 OT/IoT Security Review: Lessons for Critical Infrastructure

Nozomi Networks Labs latest OT/IoT Research Report takes a deep look the latest attacks on critical infrastructure, along with OT/IoT device vulnerabilities, and cyber threat remediation strategies.
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2019 Trends in Datacenter Services & Infrastructure

451 Research

Datacenters are under pressure: They must be the right size, in the right location, with the right connectivity. Despite efforts to move redundancy into applications, datacenter infrastructure is expected to function 24/7, as efficiently as possible. The largest customers are pushing for innovation and faster builds. Datacenter vendors and service providers are responding by becoming more flexible and adopting new technologies, but more change – particularly from the growth of IoT and 5G deployments – will be required for the industry in the years ahead.
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xModular - Eaton’s unique approach to your expanding data centre needs

With the market continuing to drive a rapid increase in the demand for data and digitalisation, the need for a fast, flexible new build or expansion of your data centres’ power infrastructure will be critical to successful growth.
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Moving WebLogic to Oracle CIoud – Virtual Hands-On Lab

Come join us for the second in a series of virtual workshop hands on labs on Moving Custom Applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. In this virtual lab, an Instructor will be walking you through the steps of creating your OCI tenancy and environment, deploying WebLogic Server from the OCI Marketplace, creating your DB instance, and then loading your data and deploying a Java app on the WLS instance. By the end of the lab, attendees will have a working DB, WebLogic environment, and knowledge on how the new automation and tooling will help organizations improve and modernize their application environments.
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