Help Your Technicians Tackle Any Asset, Anytime, Anywhere

Your technicians are your front line during this challenging time, inspecting, diagnosing and repairing assets in real time to keep operations up and running non-stop. But assets are becoming more complex, and skilled resources are limited. How do you provide decades of skills and knowledge on-demand for your factory and field
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With ARM templates you can perform conditional deployment of your Azure infrastructure with ease. All it takes is a simple evaluation.




At Splunk, we believe infrastructure monitoring should be seamless, inexpensive, and easy to administer and use. Splunk Insights for Infrastructure is our new infrastructure monitoring product that bridges monitoring and troubleshooting by collecting and analyzing both metrics and logs. Even better, Splunk Insights for Infrastructure deploys in minutes, is free for up to about 50 servers, and offers an easy path to upgrade to Splunk Enterprise, the industry’s leading platform for machine data.
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Don’t ‘WannaCry’ No More: How to Shield Your IT Infrastructure from Ransomware


As we can see from the global WannaCry ransomware attack, the risk of being hit by this type of malware is not a matter of “if”; it’s a matter of “when,” According to SonicWall research, ransomware attacks spiked 16,700% in just one year, from 4 million in 2015 to staggering 638 million in 2016. The good news is that there are ways to spot ransomware at an early stage and stop it from spreading through your environment.
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Building Microservices on AWS using Serverless Framework


Srini Karlekar, Director of Software Engineering – Enterprise Architecture at Capital One, demonstrated building event-driven microservices built on top of AWS Lambda, Twilio, Amazon Rekognition and IMDbPy API using the Serverless framework. The service took images of celebrities sent by SMS/MMS, match them and send their name and biography back via SMS. By following this on-demand session you will learn how to use Twilio to process SMS/MMS messages, use Boto3 Python library to interface with AWS Rekognition and build services using the Serverless framework. The webinar started with the demonstration of the application and dive into building the application.
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SIP Fraud Detection – Scenarios and Challenges

WeDo Technologies

We all know that SIP technology provides ample benefits and opportunities for the user to save money whilst increasing productivity. However, these types of systems also create more opportunities for fraud attacks. As SIP technology becomes more widely adopted, fraud threats have grown as well. The key to preventing this is to closely monitor a CSP network — the last thing you want is your system to be hacked when you want to keep the business profitable.
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