Help Your Technicians Tackle Any Asset, Anytime, Anywhere

Your technicians are your front line during this challenging time, inspecting, diagnosing and repairing assets in real time to keep operations up and running non-stop. But assets are becoming more complex, and skilled resources are limited. How do you provide decades of skills and knowledge on-demand for your factory and field
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Don’t ‘WannaCry’ No More: How to Shield Your IT Infrastructure from Ransomware


As we can see from the global WannaCry ransomware attack, the risk of being hit by this type of malware is not a matter of “if”; it’s a matter of “when,” According to SonicWall research, ransomware attacks spiked 16,700% in just one year, from 4 million in 2015 to staggering 638 million in 2016. The good news is that there are ways to spot ransomware at an early stage and stop it from spreading through your environment.
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Essential Technologies for Digital Business

Market rivals and empowered customers are forcing enterprises to reconsider how they do business. ‘Digital transformation’ has emerged as a means to craft engaging customer experiences, automate business operations and fend off threats from rivals. It’s driving the need to rethink how enterprises engage and interact with custome
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New Year, New Options for Desktop Virtualization


Lewan Technology and our partners AppSense, Citrix, and Unidesk bring unique value to desktop virtualization projects. How do they integrate to ensure your are scaling the difficult mountains of VDI? Find out how to make desktop and application virtualization simple, fast, flexible and secure: Deliver any Windows app without the limitations, difficulties or isolation issues of application virtualization.
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Re-architecting storage infrastructure

The Register

What’s in a name? In NVMe-OF’s case, quite a lot. What’s that, you say, apart from being a front-runner for technology’s worst acronym awards? Data centre transformation, is that better? No, of course it isn’t and with good reason. Infrastructure vendors have been telling us how important it is to refresh our data centre infrastructures for some time, as otherwise you won’t be able to reap the rewards of, you know the sort of thing, massively scalable analytics workloads, application consolidation, more dynamic infrastructure, greater business value and so on. Trouble is, for a wealth of reasons, few enterprises have the luxury of rip-and-replace transformation. And while processing and storage have moved forward at the speed of Moore’s Law, the pesky network has continued to slow everything else down. So, here’s the good news. The NVMe-OF protocol has emerged from the direct attached storage world as a way of connecting solid-state storage to processing at, well, the speed of light (OF stands for Over Fabric), essentially removing the bottleneck of data transfers.
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