Go Beyond Legacy Infrastructure with HPE Hyperconvergence


Hyperconvergence is a hot topic in IT circles. How do you know if you need it? And which solution can actually deliver greater simplicity and lower TCO? Join Richard Greenwalt for 40 minutes on a frank discussion and overview of HPE SimpliVity.
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Why an Edge Computing Platform Future Proofs IT Infrastructure

Hyperconvergence is now common in every data center. However, with the explosion of applications that need to operate independent of the cloud, edge computing is the compute platform transforming how data is being handled, processed, and delivered from millions of devices worldwide. Now is the time to rethink our approach to HCI and the advantages it brings to edge computing.
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Data Virtualization - An Introduction


"Through 2020, 50% of enterprises will implement some form of data virtualization as one enterprise production option for data integration" according to Gartner. It is clear that data virtualization has become a driving force for companies to implement an agile, real-time and flexible enterprise data architecture.
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How Agile Data Governance can help accelerate migration to the Snowflake Data Cloud

Data governance is often defined by risk-averse executives implementing policies around control and access. While undoubtedly well-intended, strict governance policies can lead to data brawls and bread lines that slow or even stall critical data and analytics initiatives. Agile data governance is the data practice that facilities a more seamless, cohesive, collaborative interaction between data producers and data consumers. It ensures you get the governance and security capabilities required to know your data, complying with regulatory mandates, and collaborate confidently even when moving data to the cloud.
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5G Laying Groundwork for a Completely Digitalized and Connected Future

5G, with its gigabytes data throughput and ultralow latency, can access numerous high-value sectors such as 3D robotic control, virtual reality monitoring, and remote medical control that earlier technologies could not. Over the last two years, we have seen an increasing number of consumer network rollouts and field testing. Furthermore, we are seeing some of the most prominent industry companies begin to implement 5G in their businesses. This is only the beginning of how 5G will eventually alter and accelerate breakthroughs in industries like automotive, entertainment, computing, manufacturing, and ultimately the way we work and live.
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