Go Beyond Legacy Infrastructure with HPE Hyperconvergence

Hyperconvergence is a hot topic in IT circles. How do you know if you need it? And which solution can actually deliver greater simplicity and lower TCO? Join Richard Greenwalt for 40 minutes on a frank discussion and overview of HPE SimpliVity.
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Rethink Infrastructure Access: Traditional Methods Aren’t Cutting It


As you adopt cloud IaaS to meet business goals, effective security controls can’t be an afterthought. This elastic infrastructure environment requires smart access controls; but how do you adhere to your security policies without limiting automation? Watch this webinar to learn how to effectively secure server access by applying the core principles of Zero Trust and enforce strict just-in-time, least privilege access in a manner that doesn't get in the way of productivity. Featured guest Dr. Chase Cunningham, principal analyst for Forrester Research, and Ivan Dwyer from Okta discuss: Why you need to re-think your infrastructure access approach.
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On-demand webinar: 5 Reasons why a people-centric security strategy safeguards sensitive information and facilitates compliance

Users often ignore internal security controls in order to get work done quickly. This puts the security of confidential information at risk. Tune in to this webinar to learn why a people-centric approach to security is the best way to protect your company’s sensitive data and IP, to achieve and maintain compliance, and to encour
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Network Timing in an IP Infrastructure


Peter Schut is back in the sixth webinar in Axon’s Broadcast IP 101 series, this time examining timing, namely PTP, for professional essence-over-IP systems such as based on SMPTE ST 2110. Timing needs to be rock solid in studio settings where many signals are mixed together, so your PTP system needs to be too. SMPTE 2059-2 standardises the use of PTP timecode (IEEE 1588) in broadcast. It’s important to understand how master clocks and slave clocks work, plus there is talk of ‘transparent’ and ‘boundary’ clocks in switches. Getting the architecture right is key remembering that one important different between IP timekeeping and black and burst time keeping is that the communication is two-way.
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How Softchoice, Flash Can Optimize Application, Data Center Performance

Connected applications have become the lifeblood of business. That’s why we’ve been hearing the term digital transformation so much lately. This term gets to the fact that today every business is a digital business. Indeed. Businesses use applications to interact and transact with their customers and prospects. And they employ apps to manage their internal operations.
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