Empowering IoT Solutions


Join this on-demand webinar to learn how you can quickly implement your own long-range, low-power IoT solutions with LoRa Technology and the MachineQ™ secure and scalable Cloud-based IoT management platform. Presenters, Steve Hegenderfer, Senior Director of the Semtech Developer Ecosystem, and Lalit Kalani, Sales Director at MachineQ, will demonstrate how you can reduce your operating costs and accelerate time to market with your own dedicated LoRaWAN™-based IoT network, built around LoRa Technology, the global standard for secure enterprise-grade IoT connectivity.
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Hear from Intel partners how Software-Defined Infrastructure will transform enterprise and service provider data centers.


Automate Infrastructure, Adopt Infra as a Code

Joint webinar hosted by NSEIT and Terraform focuses on how in the " Cloud Age of IT", organizations are realizing bottlenecks of traditional ways to manage their data centres, and imminent need to adopt infrastructure automation. With this webinar you can find answers to some of the pressing issues related to IT infrastructure which can either crop up due to human errors, or delays or due to cost escalations, and how Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is addressing these challenges through codification and proving out to be a cost effective solution.
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Take Control of Your Airflow with Retrofitted Containment

Chatsworth Products, Inc.

Data Center Administrators are being tasked with delivering more compute, while retaining optimal efficiency levels. Additionally, there are energy efficiency targets that must be met to address current environmental laws. To address these challenges, containment strategies are needed to provide thermal management, improve data center operational efficiency and reclaim lost power. It’s critical to ensure that airflow is well controlled and that hot/cold aisle containment is in place to improve airflow and cooling efficiency.
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How to start your journey from VMware based infrastructure to a full blown hybrid cloud native environment


Hybrid is important since only 20% of current IT load has been moved to the cloud, and it is expected that a large portion will stay in the local DC’s for a long time. Using IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions can make initial cloud adoption faster and easier, helping you to optimize the value of your existing on-premises infrastructure. Next step is moving into container based Multicloud environments, both on-premise and in the cloud. Here Open is important to avoid vendor lock-in. And to stay in control with both on-premise and cloud, Management tools and Security is needed.
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How to Adapt to Cloud and Align Infrastructure to Key Business Objectives


This free 1-hour webinar from GigaOm Research brings together experts in automated cloud deployment at scale, featuring GigaOm analyst David Linthicum and a special guest from Packet, My Truong. The discussion will focus on why things are changing, and how you should approach cloud requirements, and the need for customized solutions. Moving to the cloud? We all are. However, as enterprises move existing and net new systems into the cloud, they are hitting a larger issue: they must adapt to the cloud, the cloud does not adapt to them.
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