Converged, Hyperconverged, Composable Infrastructure, Integrated Platforms Megacast

Do you struggle with datacenter complexity? Does it take too long to provision new applications? Do you have an aging storage infrastructure? If you're looking to similfy your datacenter operations, reduce complexity, and   increase your company's datacenter ROI - this event is for you! Hyperconvergence, convergence, composable infrastructure, and integrated platforms are making vastly simplifying datacenter complexity, reducing IT spend, making administration easier, and application rollout faster.
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How a healthy CMDB helps you deliver great service quality


When an outage occurs, the IT operations team is bombarded with thousands of events coming from their siloed monitoring systems and overwhelming their inbox. Sifting through these events to get to the critical few takes a significant amount of time; and if your business services are mapped manually, there is a high likelihood the IT resources supporting these services have changed. While your team is actively trying to identify the services impacted, the business itself is losing money and customer satisfaction.
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Performance Clinic: Network & infrastructure performance monitoring of your hybrid multi-cloud

Whilst wire data is still a good source of information for some on-premise applications, as companies move into the cloud packet data isn’t always an option. In this Performance Clinic, hear real-world examples of how Dynatrace provides network and infrastructure-centric capabilities to customers, including API data and log analytics, all backed by our AI engine Davis. And, get hands-on with exercises to help deploy Dynatrace in your own environment.
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Efficient solutions in adapting to simplified cloud infrastructure

On 26th January 2022, Cloud Kinetics in collaboration with VMware and AWS hosted a virtual masterclass “Efficient solutions in adapting to simplified cloud infrastructure.”
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Unlocking the Power of On-Demand Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Cyxtera CXD Compute Nodes Powered by Nutanix


Join industry experts from Cyxtera and Nutanix as they discuss how the Cyxtera Extensible Data Center (CXD) platform and CXD Compute Nodes bring the power and scalability of Nutanix’s hyperconverged infrastructure to enterprises in an on-demand consumption model. Ideal for IT Infrastructure Managers, IT Solution Architects, Network Architects, and IT Operations, this webinar will address how this new approach to data center colocation enables you to.
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