Capgemini modernizes Hydro One’s IT infrastructure to meet market demands

Capgemini modernizes Hydro One’s IT infrastructure
Hydro One transitioned its entire IT infrastructure to the cloud while also implementing organization changes to support the new technology.
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Aruba Panel Experts Say SD-WAN for Speedy IT

SD-WAN is transforming the way businesses build their networks. Employees in a work-from-home situation are demanding more accessibility with greater speeds, and networks need to meet those demands while retaining strict security. Network administrators have increasingly turned from VPN systems to SD-WAN in order to keep up with these new requirements.
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Getting Ready for the 5G Data Explosion: Data Center Operations

Distribution of mobile core and edge computing capabilities for 5G is key for latency sensitive applications, but it comes at a cost. A distributed network will increase power demands and bring new power requirements at the core and the edge, so new power saving techniques will be necessary to support 5G functional foundations s
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Simplifying cloud infrastructure security with cloudquery

Osquery has been established as a highly effective open source tool to help secure workstation and server workloads. A new osquery extension, cloudquery, enables security, IT, and DevOps teams to leverage the power of SQL-based analytics to easily get answers to questions about their multi-cloud infrastructure.
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Attributes of a Modern Storage Infrastructure: Perspectives from ESG & Dell EMC

Dell EMC

In the era of digital business, IT managers are increasingly responsible for delivering results that drive the success of their business. To achieve this, it is imperative that IT organizations implement a modern storage infrastructure that enables them to increase agility and thereby gain a competitive advantage. In this webcast, experts from Enterprise Strategy Group and Dell EMC will describe the key attributes and benefits of a modern storage infrastructure.
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