Adopting Smart Operations to Scale in a 5G World


The rollout of 5G brings with it all the possibilities of new services, more opportunities to scale, and accelerating growth. It also brings more complexity to today’s networks. With growth, the level of operations becomes increasingly difficult with new software demands and multiple tools managing ever-changing technologies. A new operations model is required to handle all of this.
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Go deep at NetApp Insight 2016 to hear NetApp technology experts breakdown converged vs. hyperconverged infrastructure. Plus, learn how NetApp SolidFire takes out the competition in HCI.


Smartphones are the New Seatbelt: Turn Safety Into A Profit Center in 2019


Vehicles are safer than they were 30 years ago. Drivers, on the other hand, are becoming less safe. Despite the improvements in vehicle safety and protection, road deaths are still the largest killer of young males globally. Largely, in part, because drivers are becoming more and more distracted by smartphones.
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The State of Infrastructure, Architecture & Operations to Support Cloud-Native Applications


When it comes to modern infrastructure adoption, which organizations are ahead of the curve? How do they successfully support their infrastructure to build and operationalize cloud-native applications? What do their architectures and operations look like? And how do they maintain total visibility by using a large, complex open source stack? Join two long-time networking industry pros on June 18 to understand “The State of Infrastructure, Architecture & Operations to Support Cloud-Native Applications.” Co-founder and CEO of Kentik Avi Freedman, founder of Philly’s first ISP and former Chief Network Scientist at Akamai, will present alongside Kentik CTO Jonah Kowall, former Gartner Research VP and AppDynamics VP.
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How to Secure IoT Devices with Root-of-Trust Authentication


Secure connectivity is becoming one of the most important challenges for IoT applications. This webinar will help you learn how innovative security measures—Intrinsic ID’s patented SRAM PUF technology coupled with Trusted Secure IP from Renesas—can help you quickly and easily create device and board-level authentication to safely secure a connected IoT system.
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Safeguarding Classified and Secure Information

Black box

To successfully combat today’s cyber threats, organizations and government agencies need to take a thorough approach to fixing their in-house and outside cybersecurity weaknesses. Watch our webinar to learn the major vulnerabilities within your network and how to put an end to them
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