Addressing Today’s Data Center Construction Challenges with Modular Infrastructure

The global demand for data centers is peaking but construction is becoming increasingly difficult. Data center operators are turning to prefabricated modular data center (PMDC) solutions for a right-sized, scalable, and fast deployment. Omdia and Vertiv review the results from a survey of global decision makers which demonstrates why the technology has become a go-to for colocation and cloud service providers, telecommunication companies, and enterprises from every industry.
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Leadership Vision 2019: Infrastructure & Operations


What is leadership in the digital age for an I&O leader. What actions and next practices must I&O implement. How leading organizations use I&O to deliver the highest value. Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) leaders must actively drive growth and success across the enterprise by helping to scale digital initiatives. Join this complimentary I&O webinar to craft a strategy for 2019 and beyond that transforms your leadership, technology, processes, operating model, KPIs and, most importantly, your people. We reveal critical success factors and spotlight specific case studies of organizations who have done this successfully.
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The Use and Value of Big Data Network Analytics and AI for Infrastructure Management


As enterprise access networks evolve with more mobile users, diverse devices and cloud-based applications, managing user performance on an end to end basis has become next to impossible. Recent advances in big data network analytics, combined with AI and cloud computing are being leveraged to tackle this growing problem.
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Aruba Panel Talks SD-WAN Security Advantages

As hybrid workplaces become more normalized, organizations in every industry must adjust to the unique demands of a post-pandemic world. A major concern companies are navigating is keeping remote teams connected and secure while not disrupting day-to-day operations or compromising the customer experience.
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5G Infrastructure Readiness


The next generation of wireless is upon us. 5G brings not only a new radio architecture, but also a new core network based on modular functions that can be deployed as needed based on the requirements of the subscriber and the service. The 5G Core Network requires hardware infrastructure to be flexible enough to run various intense workloads. This webinar will cover the requirements of a 5G.
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