Accelerate Telecommunications Business Outcomes with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

Open technology is revolutionising our industry, however to leverage open technology you need to combine technology with open culture. Red Hat’s Open Innovation Labs team not only tackles some of our customer’s toughest technical challenges but is also a vehicle for cultural change.
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3 Essential Keys to Redefining IT Automation for Digital Business Success

ActiveBatch IT Automation

Digital business requires speed, agility, and strategy. Teams burdened with disconnected legacy tools and pockets of uncoordinated automation struggle to achieve speed and agility, and they lack the time for strategizing. An intelligent IT automation strategy starts with a new mindset about the role of automation in the organization. Automation should be coordinated with an overall view of automation functions that span operations, development, and business functions. Self-service interfaces, DevOps empowering APIs, and reusable objects deliver speed and agility. Freed from repetitive manual tasks and empowered with visibility, IT and business staff can turn their attention to strategically applying digitalization to the business. Are you ready to redefine how you think about IT automation?
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Planning for the future: Why a Data Hub strategy should be at the heart of your Connected Planning infrastructure

Discover the benefits of having a Data Hub strategy and how EDF’s Data Hub prevents disparate, cluttered, and inappropriate data.
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Performance Clinic: Network & infrastructure performance monitoring of your hybrid multi-cloud

Whilst wire data is still a good source of information for some on-premise applications, as companies move into the cloud packet data isn’t always an option. In this Performance Clinic, hear real-world examples of how Dynatrace provides network and infrastructure-centric capabilities to customers, including API data and log analytics, all backed by our AI engine Davis. And, get hands-on with exercises to help deploy Dynatrace in your own environment.
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Multi-Protocol Real-Time Solutions for Industry 4.0 and IIoT

Renesas Electronics

Industrial Automation is rapidly changing as Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) takes over the factory floor and industrial applications. The focus has consistently been on multi-protocol and real-time solutions for the operational technology layer, while the information technology layer is focused on cloud based solutions.
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